The Risk Management Safety Net: Market Penetration and Potential
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The Risk Management Safety Net: Market Penetration and Potential

Analysis of the Federal Crop Insurance Portfolio

September 2017

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I. Introduction

II. The Federal Crop Insurance Portfolio Today

III. Increased Organic Insurance Offers

IV. Market Penetration of Federal Crop Insurance-All Insured Crops

V. Market Penetration of Principal Crops Near 89 Percent

VI. Market Penetration of Other Field Crops

VII. Market Penetration for Fruits/Nuts and Vegetables

VIII. Market Penetration for Hay, Livestock, Nursery, and Pasture/Range/Forage

IX. Influencing Change: How New Products Are Developed and the Stakeholder's Voice

X. Low Hanging Fruit: Another Method to Increase Market Share of Existing Programs

XI. Conclusions

XII. Comments or Requests for the Next Portfolio Analysis

Exhibit 1. Risk Management Agency Research: Exploring Feasibility for Expanding Crop Insurance

Exhibit 2. Low Hanging Fruit: Potential Expansion Areas for Existing Programs


The Risk Management Safety Net: Portfolio Analysis-Market Penetration and Potential, Jul 2013

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