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The Risk Management Safety Net:
Attachment 2

This attachment is a listing of crops not insured by Federal crop insurance. It is a working document that can change frequently as crops are added or removed, order is changed, and grower needs or the demand for products change. These crops were identified using NASS and FSA data. The second column indicates if RMA has previously contracted any studies on the crop and what kind of studies were performed.

If a feasibility recommendation was obtained for the feasibility of an insurance program for the crop, the recommendation is listed in the third column. A ‘Yes’ recommendation means that it is possible that an insurance product could be developed for the crop. The column labeled ‘Insurance Product’ indicates the status of insurance products for the crop. In some cases, producer groups may have requested that no products be developed for a specific crop in order to protect markets, in other cases there may be insurance products in the development phase or that were previously available but were unsuccessful and subsequently terminated.

The list is sorted by value, with the crops with the largest total U.S. values at the top of the list. Data sources for the national values are identified in the last column, along with any notes for the crop.

The information in this attachment is useful for setting priorities for future feasibility studies and new crop development efforts. In many cases there is no value available, which also illustrates one of the main limitations to new product development, the lack of availability of credible data necessary for insurance product development.

uninsured crops

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