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1998 Pilot Archives

Pilot Name Pilot Number Ref
Avocado Crop Provisions 98-019 * 1/
Avocado/Mango Tree 98-212 *
(Rev 10/97)
Blueberry Crop Provisions 97-012 1/
Corn - Income Protection 98-341 * 6/
Cotton Crop Provisions - Income Protection 98-321 * 6/
Florida Fruit Tree 96014 1/
Millet Crop Provisions 98-017 * 6/
Pecan Revenue 98-020 * 1/
Sweet Potato 98-085 * 6/
Wheat Crop Provisions - Income Protection 97-311
(If 6/30 CCD)
Wheat Crop Provisions - Income Protection 98-311 *
(If 12/31 CCD)
Reference Number
1 The Common Crop Insurance Policy-Basic Provisions (92B1) apply with the Crop Provisions.
2 The General Crop Insurance Policy (88-G, Rev 3-91) applies with the Endorsement.
3 Stand Alone Policy - no other policy applies.
4Common Group Risk Plan (GRP) Policy-Basic Provisions applies with the Crop Provisions.
5Endorsement attaches to specific crop policies, crop provisions or (97102) endorsements when CAT coverage is selected by the insured.
6The Common Crop Insurance Policy - Basic Provisions (98B1) apply with the crop provisions.
7Private insurance company pilot stand alone policies - no other policies apply. This insurance program is an alternative to the federal MPCI, GRP, and IP programs.

*Identifies policies that are new or have been updated for the 1998 crop year.

NOTE: The Basic Provisions (98-B1) represents the FCIC version. The 98-B1 is referred to as the 98-BR for industry purposes and is maintained on the RO server.

CCD: Contract Change Date

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