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TO: All Insurance Providers
FROM: Dave Wright     /s/ Dave Wright
Chief, Actuarial Design
SUBJECT: RO Server Release 04-031 - Actuarial Information Available

As of August 31, 2004, the following information is now available on the Reporting Organization (RO) Server :

  • 2005 Actuarial Data Master for the 6/30, 8/31 and Y-T-D filing dates.
  • 2005 FCI-35 Coverages and Rates for the 6/30 filing date.
  • 2005 Price Addendum for the 8/31 filing dates.
  • 2005 Special Provisions for the 8/31 filing dates.
  • 2005 State Summary of Changes for the 8/31 filing dates.
  • 2005 Table of Contents for the 6/30, 8/31, 9/30, 10/31 and Y-T-D filing dates.

  • Users can find this information on the RO Server in the following directories :

  • 2005 FCI-35 Coverage and Rates are in the FCI-35/2005/ directory.
  • 2005 Actuarial Data Master are in the actuarial_data_master/2005 directory.
  • 2005 Special Provisions are in the Special_Provisions/2005/ directory.
  • 2005 Price Addendums are in the Supplements/2005/ directory.
  • 2005 State Summary of Changes are in the Supplements/2005/ directory.
  • 2005 Table of Contents are in the Supplements/2005 directory.

  • Additional notes and details regarding this data release :

    2005 ADM records 4 and P, SSOC, and Price Addendum are updated to show establish prices for the 8/31 filing.
    2005 Apples Special Provisions are revised for California (sales closing date changed to 01/31/2005) and Washington (revised statement 59P verbiage), 8/31 filing.
    2005 ADM records 3 and S are updated for Apples due to the Special Provision changes as mentioned above, 8/31 filing.
    2005 FCI-35 revised for Boone County, Missouri wheat to change high risk areas to alpha designation to match the FCI-33 map and rules page; ADM record F updated accordingly; 6/30 filing.

    Please notify your data processing representative that this information is available for downloading. For questions regarding the actuarial information, please contact Ron Tilly by phone at (816) 926-1337, or via email to ronald.tilly@rma.usda.gov. Archived RO Server Release memos are located online at http://www.rma.usda.gov/news/ro-server/.

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