June 17th, 1999


TO:          All Reinsured Companies
             All Risk Management Field Offices

FROM:        Tim B. Witt	/s/ Tim B. Witt
             Deputy Administrator

SUBJECT:     Updated 1999 Manual-13, Data Acceptance System (DAS) Handbook

The 1999 Manual 13, Data Acceptance System and Reinsurance Accounting System Handbook,

has been updated. This update includes modifications for (1) reporting the Type 50 record,

supplemental private policy information when such a policy is attached to the MPCI policy,

(2) revisions to premium calculations for Peanuts, and (3) other minor changes and clarifications.

These changes were discussed at the May 20 Information Technology Meeting with company


The 1999 Handbook is maintained electronically via the Risk Management Agency's (RMA)

Home Page. The RMA Website address is: http://www.rma.usda.gov/actuarial/ under the Data Acceptance System (M-13) Handbook directory.

For questions regarding content of book, please contact Seavey Anthony, Data Quality

Section, at (816) 926-3865. Questions on downloading files should be directed to Herb Solomon at (816) 926-1608.


This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting information and the expiration date is December 31, 1999.

The following changes have been made to the 1999 Draft M-13:

June 14, 1999

1. Account Narrative - Updated page numbers on Table of Contents.

Added record description for the new Type 65 record, page 23.

2. 11 Record - Updated field edit on Written Agreement flag, field 22, to include "H" flag for CRC

High Risk land. Updated field edit on Private Policy Code, field 45, to require a 50 record when

field is not blank.

3. 11 Record Calculations - For Insurance Plan 55 (page 15) round to tenths after multiplying

(County yield from FCI-35 * Coverage Level Percent Factor). Remove reference to GRP

Rangeland on several fields (page 22). Added Prevented Planting to Peanut Calculation and

revised some internal calculations from the Total Premium on Peanuts (pages 27 & 29) when

late or prevented planting reduction is applied. Also on page 29, added statement to

Price Election description. Added footnote to CRC Rate Map Area Factor on CRC Total Premium

Calculation (page 46).

4. 11 Record Exhibits - Added Peanuts and Popcorn to appropriate Loss Stage Code Percents

on the Exhibit 11-1. Updated LPO Reduction Percents on Exhibit 11-1, page 3.

Added Indexed Income Protection (Plan Code 45) to Exhibit 11-6,

Insurance Plan Codes. Added a crop year column and Macadmia Nuts, Peanuts and

Raisins to Exhibit 11-7, Crops Eligible for Basic Unit Discount.

5. 12 Record - Updated field edits on Payment Type (field 9), Paid Amount (field 10) and

Paid Date (field 12).

6. 14 Record - Type code is required for Arizona Grapes (0052).

7. 14 Record Exhibit - Added Arizona Grapes to Fee by Type Exhibit.

8. 15 Record - Updated Note at end of record for Sugarcane and Avocados.

9. 15 Record Exhibit - Removed Plan Code 30 - Tobacco from list of crops requiring a 15 record.

10. 21 Record Calculation - Added statement to Price Election description rounding CAT prices to

whole cents.

11. 50 Record - Moved position of crop code, location county and record number fields. This record

now has a key like the other records.

12. 60 Record - Updated field edits on Record Number (field 7), Payment Agreement Date (field 13),

Debt Satisfied Date ( field 14), Bankruptcy Date (field 15) and Contact Office Name (field 28).

13. 60 Record Exhibits - Updated Transaction Descriptions and added Transaction Flags 20 - 23.

14. 65 Record - New record - CAT FEE INELIGIBLE RECORD.