May 24, 1999


TO:          All Reinsured Companies
             All Risk Management Field Offices

FROM:        Tim B. Witt	/s/ Tim B. Witt
             Deputy Administrator

SUBJECT:    Actuarial Addendum - Missing Information for RA Soybeans in Select Illinois Counties 

The area high risk map adjustment factors are missing from the 1999 Revenue Assurance (RA) soybean FCI-35 coverage and rates documents for certain counties in Illinois. The missing value is available by referencing the R05 area high risk map adjustment factor value on the actual production history (APH) soybean FCI-35. The appropriate value from the APH FCI-35 that is applicable to RA soybeans is the highest value shown on the R05 line (if multiple practices exist in a given county) for the appropriate map area pertaining to the location of the high risk land.

The FCI-35 documents will be regenerated and placed on the Risk Management Agency (RMA) web site, as well as on the Reporting Organization (RO) server. Any interested party can view and print directly from these sources as necessary. The Actuarial Data Master (ADM) Record Type H will also be regenerated to reflect these changes. These updates will be completed no later than May 25, 1999; in the meantime, company representatives can utilize the information from the soybean APH FCI-35 (see paragraph 1 above) to ensure timely and accurate service to their customers.


This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting/updating information and the expiration date is December 31, 1999.