March 9, 1999			

TO:       All Reinsured Companies
          All Risk Management Field Offices 

FROM:     Tim B. Witt     /s/ Tim B. Witt
          Deputy Administrator
SUBJECT:  1999 Support Prices for Tobacco Guaranteed and
          Quota Tobacco Crop Provisions 		

The 1999 price support levels as defined in the Guaranteed Tobacco
Crop Provisions 99-071 for the purposes written in Section 12(b)(2) 
and (4), Section 12(c)(iii)(A) and in Section 12(d)(3) are listed

Type    Crop Code                      Support Price

11-14   229 Flue-Cured Tobacco            $1.63
21      230 VA Fire-Cured Tobacco         $1.56
22-23   230 Fire-Cured Tobacco            $1.72
35-36   233 Dark Air-Cured Tobacco        $1.48
37      233 VA Sun-Cured Tobacco          $1.38
54-55   235 Cigar Binder Tobacco          $1.24

The 1999 support price for type 31 tobacco (crop code 231-quota burley) 
as defined in the Quota Tobacco Crop Provisions 99-070 for the purposes 
listed in Section 13(b)(1) and in Section 13(c)(iii)(A) and (B) 
is $1.79 per pound.  The $0.06 per pound warehouse fee is no longer


This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting 
information and the expiration date is December 31, 1999.