March 3, 1999

TO:      All Reinsured Companies
         All Risk Management Agency Field Offices
FROM:    Tim B. Witt              /s/ Tim B. Witt
         Deputy Administrator

SUBJECT: Addendum to 1999 Actuarial Document (Special Provisions) -
         Announcement of 1999 Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) Base Prices, 
         1999 Income Protection (IP) Projected Prices, and 
         1999 Revenue Assurance (RA) Projected Prices and Price Volatilities

Crop Revenue Coverage

The 1999 Base Prices for CRC Corn, Grain Sorghum, Soybeans, and Wheat in counties with a March 15 cancellation date are as follows:
                                100 Percent    95 Percent
              Corn                $2.40          $2.28
              Grain Sorghum       $2.28          $2.17
              Soybeans            $5.11          $4.85
              Spring Wheat        $3.53          $3.35
              Durum Wheat         $4.68          $4.45

Income Protection

The 1999 Projected Prices for IP Corn in counties with February 28 and March 15 sales closing dates, and for Grain Sorghum, Soybeans, Wheat, and Barley in counties with a March 15 sales closing date are as follows:
              Corn           $2.40
              Grain Sorghum  $2.16
              Soybeans       $5.11
              Wheat          $2.89
              Barley         $1.97

Revenue Assurance
The 1999 Projected Prices and Price Volatilities for RA Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat are as follows:
                        Price             Volatility Factor
         Corn           $2.40               0.19
         Soybeans       $5.11               0.16
         Wheat          $3.53               0.16

This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting information and the expiration date is December 31, 1999.