February 19, 1999


TO:      	All Reinsured Companies
    		All Risk Management Agency Field Offices

FROM:    	Tim B. Witt                   /s/ Tim B. Witt
    		Deputy Administrator
SUBJECT: Crop Provisions for the Fresh Market Bean Pilot Program and the Mint
Pilot Program for the 2000 Crop Year

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) has placed on the RMA WebSite at:
ftp://ftp.rma.usda.gov/pub/Policies/1999/pilot/, the crop provisions that will be
effective beginning the 2000 crop year for fresh market beans and mint with areas available and
sales closing dates indicated.  Procedures and actuarial material will be placed on the server
at a later date.

Program          	Areas Available                   	Sales Closing Dates

Fresh Market     	Florida - Dade County    		August 31 
Bean 			North Carolina - Hyde and Tyrrell	March 15
                 	Virginia - Accomack and Northampton

Mint             	Indiana - Starke and Pulaski       	September 30 and
			Montana - Flathead County		March 15
                 	Washington - Grant and Yakima Counties
                 	Wisconsin - Dane, Jefferson, Marquette, 
                              and Walworth Counties        
If you have any questions, please contact Vondie O'Conner, Research and Evaluation Division
Director, at (816) 926-6343.

This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting information and the
expiration date is December 31, 1999.