TO:       All Reinsured Companies
          All Risk Management Agency Field Offices

FROM:     Tim B. Witt         /s/ Tim B. Witt
          Deputy Administrator

SUBJECT:  1999 Additional Price Election for Prunes

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) today announced an additional price election for prunes
of $630 per ton, which is the maximum price election for the 1999 crop.  This price election is
available to all producers who insure their 1999 crop at levels above catastrophic coverage.  Price
election choices must be made on or before the sales closing date for the crop in a county.

The established price election is $530 per ton.  When the additional price election is higher than the established price election, producers originally electing the established price 
may be impacted by changes to subsidies and administrative fees.  Exclusion of hail and fire provisions also may be affected.  Companies should notify applicable agents and insureds 
of this change.

The price for catastrophic coverage will be $346.50 per ton.


This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting information and the
expiration date is February 28, 1999.