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1995 Product Management Bulletins

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Numbered bulletins issued by RMA's Product Management Division.

Description Available
R&D-95-054 New Crop Policies in Effect for the 1996 Crop Year. Text
R&D-95-053 Supplementary Standards for Adjusting Losses on Bush Varieties of Garden Seed Beans. Text
R&D-95-052 1995 Group Risk Plan Preliminary Payments. Text
R&D-95-051 Florida Fruit Tree Pilot Program. Text
R&D-95-049 Clarification of Acreage Reporting Requirements for Wheat Insured Under the Winter Wheat Coverage Endorsement. Text
R&D-95-048 Clarification of Nursery Claims Issues. Text
R&D-95-047 Loss Adjustment of Crops Damaged by the Early Freeze. Text
R&D-95-046 1995 Group Risk Plan Preliminary Payments. Text
R&D-95-045 1995 Group Risk Plan (GRP) Policies. Text
R&D-95-044 1995 Support Prices for Peanuts. Text
R&D-95-043 Quality of FCI-74, Claim for Indemnity. Text
R&D-95-042 August 31 through October 31 Actuarial Filing. Text
R&D-95-041 Clarification of 1995 Crop Year Prevented Planting Coverage and Claims Processing. Text
Clarification of 1995 Prevented Planting Coverage Relating to:
1. Hail/Fire Exclusion on Additional Coverage Policies.
2. Situations When the Planting Process Cannot be Completed.
R&D-95-039 1995 FCIC 18010 Crop Insurance Handbook. Text
R&D-95-035 Claim Entries for "Stage" and "Final Use" Involving Prevented Planting Acreage. Text
R&D-95-034.1 Preliminary 1995 Sales Data. (Revision) Text
R&D-95-034 Preliminary 1995 Sales Data. Text
R&D-95-033 1995 Crop Year Prevented Planting Provisions - Operational Instructions for Implementing BULLETIN: MGR-95-028. Text
R&D-95-029 Policy Forms for Nursery for the 1995 Crop Year. Text
R&D-95-027 Replanting Payments for 1995 Coarse Grains and Sunflower Seed. Text
R&D-95-026 Sugarcane Crop Provisions for the 1995 Crop Year. Text
R&D-95-022 Planned Initiatives for the 1995 and Succeeding Crop Years. Text
R&D-95-021 Winter Wheat Freeze Damage. Text
R&D-95-020 1995 Florida Citrus Acreage Reports. Text
R&D-95-019 Questions and Answers Regarding the Common Crop Insurance Policy Coarse Grains Crop Provisions for the 1995 Crop Year. Text
R&D-95-018 April 30 Filing. Text
R&D-95-017 1994 Group Risk Plan Final Payments. Text
R&D-95-016 Insurability of Nursery Crops Grown in Nursery Containers Buried in the Ground. Text
R&D-95-015 April 15 Revised Filing. Text
R&D-95-014 Policyholder Tracking System. Text
R&D-95-013 February 28 Revised Filing. Text
R&D-95-012 Policyholder Tracking System. Text
R&D-95-010 Clarification of Rate Reduction Provisions for Small Grains Destroyed Prior to Harvest. Text
R&D-95-008 Multiple Peril Crop Insurance Application Requirements for Farming Operations Involving Spouses, Family Farms and Multiple Entities Insured Under One Policy. Text
R&D-95-007 Group Risk Plan (GRP) Actuarial Documents for 1995. Text
R&D-95-006 Clarification of Appropriate 1995 Crop Year Cancellation and Termination Dates for the Coarse Grains, Cotton, and ELS Cotton Crop Provisions. Text
R&D-95-003 Category C Perennial Crop Field Inspections. Text
R&D-95-001 Final Dates by which Policies for Corn, Soybeans, Grain Sorghum, Cotton, and ELS Cotton may be Canceled for the 1995 Crop Year or Terminated for the 1995 Crop Year. Text