April 5, 1999


TO:          All Reinsured Companies
             All Risk Management Field Offices
             All Other Interested Parties

FROM:        Kenneth D. Ackerman     /s/ Ken Ackerman

SUBJECT:     Emergency Financial Assistance Alert to Insurance Providers


The Risk Management Agency (RMA) has been providing the Farm Service Agency (FSA) with data to assist in the administration of the 1998 Crop Loss Disaster Assistance Program (CLDAP). RMA continues to work with FSA to update and correct the data provided based on the information obtained from the Data Acceptance System. This bulletin is being issued to alert insurance providers that RMA has recognized certain company initiated data changes regarding SSN's or EIN's that may not be consistent with other producer information of record, or past insurance experience. In some cases these changes might preclude producers from, or have other adverse impacts on, participation in the CLDAP.


RMA continues to monitor data received from insurance providers to evaluate the number and kinds of changes being made to crop insurance records.

Insurance providers should be aware that some of the changes being made to previously submitted producer policy records may have unintended results and that in some cases the changes made on some policies have subsequently made producers ineligible for CLDAP payments. While RMA recognizes that many producers have requested changes to their policies in light of the CLDAP, insurance providers may only make changes in accordance with approved policy and procedure. Identified policy information that is changed, but not supported by file documentation or consistent with applicable data submission standards may result in further RMA review and appropriate follow up or corrective action in accordance with the SRA.

DISPOSAL: This bulletin is effective until December 31, 1999.