BULLETIN NO.: MGR-99-002.3

TO:       All Reinsured Companies
          All Risk Management Field Offices
          All Other Interested Parties

FROM:     Kenneth D. Ackerman /s/ Kenneth D. Ackerman

SUBJECT:  Emergency Financial Assistance to Farmers
Bulletin No.: MGR-99-002 Action item B. 1. A. stated that the Risk Management 
Agency would announce, not later than February 15, 1999, an estimate of the 
percentage premium discount applicable for producers who qualify due to scab 
and/or vomitoxin damage.  The following is provided.
Premium Discount for Producers with Multiple Losses Due to Scab and/or Vomitoxin
The estimated total premium discount for producers qualifying with multiple losses due to
scab and/or vomitoxin damage is 50 percent.  This percentage includes the estimated 30
percent discount of producer-paid premium previously announced via MGR-99-002.  The
final percentage discount for scab and/or vomitoxin damage will be determined after
qualifying acreage reports have been received from the reinsured companies.
Note: All applicable provisions of MGR-99-002.2 regarding Billing, Premium Discounts and Loss
Processing and Data Processing apply accordingly.  In addition, please refer to the Data
Acceptance System Manual 13 slipsheets regarding premium discount reporting.
DISPOSAL:   This bulletin is effective until December 31, 1999.