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Project Name/Area(s) Organization Contact Amount Objective
Border Region F.A.R.M. Project (Frontera Agricultural Risk Management)
State: TX

Texas Mexico Border Coalition

Omar J. Garza


To help Hispanic producers survive by providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make informed risk management decisions for their operations, using crop insurance, marketing strategies and other risk management tools.

Food Pathways: Closing the Loop Between Southern Producers and Northern Markets via Extended Season Enterprise and Market Development for Limited Resource Farmers
State: WI

Growing Power, Inc.

Will Allen
(414) 527-1546


To provide outreach via technical assistance and hands-on training to limited resource producers with a focus on African American and Latina women farmers in the rural southern delta region and urban centers of the Midwest.

Internet Training
State: NE

Women Involved in Farm Economics

Pam Potthoff
(308) 276-2548


To insure women livestock producers are able to use financial management, crop insurance, marketing contracts and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

Pennsylvania Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Program
State: PA

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Kyle Nagurny
(717) 772-3094


To educate women, the Amish, Mennonites, young/beginning farmers, Asians, African Americans, limited resource producers and socially disadvantaged producers on the importance of utilizing risk management tools.

Women in Agriculture and Small Business Conference and Resource Center
States: OK

Great Plains RC&D Area Association

Tonya Nance


To plan an annual statewide conference on risk management, agriculture, and small business for female and underserved producers, and to develop a resource center with risk management information available in the office, by mail, and electronically.

Risk Management Education for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers (SDF) in Arkansas
State: AR

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB)

Dr. Henry English


To provide production, financial and legal risk management education to SDF's, most of who are limited resource farmers (LRF) in Eastern and Southwestern Arkansas.

Community Outreach and Risk Management Education for Limited Resource and Underserved Farmers in Virginia
State: VA

Virginia State University

Dr. Albert Essel


To improve the farm profitability and promote sustainability by enhancing the risk management skills for limited resource and socially disadvantaged producers through outreach, training and educational programs.

Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Program
State: GA

African American Family Farmer, Inc.

Melvin Bishop


To develop and deliver a risk management outreach plan to African American Farms in Georgia.

Moving Beyond the Fields
State: CA

The Good Citizens, Inc.

Debra Thompson


To equip African American, women and other socially disadvantaged farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley with the necessary tools and resources to ensure that their specialty crops are grown and marketed to produce the maximum financial benefit and self-sufficiency to the farmer.

Nebraska Farm Risk Management Education and outreach Project
State: NE

Legal Aid of Nebraska (n/k/a Nebraska Legal Services)

Michelle Soll


To work with limited resource and underserved Nebraska farmers and ranchers on analyzing, planning and incorporating risk management tools.

Leadership Training and Diversity Strategies for Former Tobacco Growers
State: NC

The North Carolina Coalition of Farm and Rural Families

Johnnie Jones, III


To establish the Leadership Training & Diversity Strategies for Former Tobacco Growers.

Building Farmer Marketing Capacity through Community Food Security and National Farm to Cafeteria Training Participation
State: CA

Community Food Security Coalition

Andrew Fisher


To hold a national food security conference and a national farm to cafeteria marketing conference for farmers, sustainable agriculture advocates, food service professionals, urban food system activists and other participants.

Emerging Risks for Agricultural Producers II
State: GA

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Edward "Jerry" Pennick


To enhance outreach efforts through comprehensive training on unique legal risks faced by African American farmers relating to preservation and succession of farms and rural land in their service areas.

Risk Management Outreach and Assistance for Women, Limited Resource, Socially Disadvantaged and Other Traditionally Underserved Farmers and Ranchers in New York State
State: NY

New York Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, Inc.

Hank Herrera
585 271-0490


To develop and implement a new program of outreach and assistance to women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged and other traditionally underserved farmers in New York.

Southwest Indian Country Risk Management Education on Agri-tourism and Specialty Agri-Product Market Opportunities
State: AZ

Arizona Board of Regents
University of Arizona

Dr. Joseph G. Hiller


To increase the economic viability and livelihood of native American and other limited resource farmers and ranchers through joint agri-tourism and specialty agri-product market opportunities.

Community Outreach and Assistance to Women, Limited Resource and Other Traditionally Under served Farmers and Ranchers in Georgia
State: GA

Team Agriculture Georgia

Christina S. Messer


Conduct risk management education workshops in Georgia for women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged, and beginning farmers

Risk Management Education Assessment and Training
State: AR

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Dr. Jennie Popp
(479) 575-2279


To extend the risk management training to members of tribal nations across the southern states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri and Louisiana and continue efforts in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Community Outreach and Assistance for the State of West Virginia
State: WV

West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Thomas McConnell


To expand and refine existing community outreach activities involving bringing risk management information to non-traditional farmers.

Tierra de Oportunidades Project (Land of Opportunities Project)
State: MA

Nuestras Raices, Inc.

Daniel Ross
(413) 536-1789


To help potential new farmers in Greater Holyoke, particularly Puerto Ricans with farming and farm work experience have access to farming opportunities and comprehensive training, including training on risk management strategies.

Appalachian Grown: Risk Management Opportunities Through Local Food Campaign Marketing Initiatives
State: NC

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project

Gary Gumz
(828) 649-9452


To use financial management, crop insurance and marketing contracts and other emerging risk management tools through a market driven local food campaign approach.

Risk Management Estate Planning Education for Montana Fort Peck Tribal Members
State: MT

Montana State University

Dr. Marsha Goetting
(406) 994-5695


To provide 530 under served Native American agricultural livestock and grain producers on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make informed risk management decisions about estate planning.

Plasticulture for Small and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers
State: OK

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry

Willard Tillman


To provide risk management collaborative outreach, training and assistance to socially disadvantaged under served farmers to produce agricultural commodities in Oklahoma.

Risk Management Outreach Assessment and Technical Assistance Project for Limited Resource Immigant Farmers California
State: CA

Opening Doors, Inc.

Ernest Leonard


To develop an outreach and research program that will assess risk management information and technical assistance needs in the Hmong agricultural community and will provide direct risk management assistance to the farmers.

Educating Minnesota's Immigrants About Farm Risk Management New Immigrant Agriculture Project
State: MN

Minnesota Food Association

Christopher Morton
(612) 788-4342


To provide risk management education to immigrant and refugee farmers in Minnesota on the broad topics of production, marketing, financial, legal and human resources to immigrant and refugee farmers in Minnesota.

Focused Risk Management Training for Immigrant Farmers in Maine
State: ME

Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Jim Hanna
(207) 777-5131


To develop and provide information, training, tools and risk management solutions to recent immigrant farmers that will assist them to build successful farm operations consistent with their cultural and lifestyle aspirations and that strengthen Maine agriculture as a whole.

Youth Leadership through Sustainable Agriculture and Entrepreneurship
State: OH

Child Development Council of Franklin County

Cheryl Foster


To increase the visibility of the entrepreneurship and leadership of youth through sustainable agriculture.

Market Development and Land Access for Underserved Specialty Crop Producers
State: CA

Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE)

Sibella Kraus
(510) 526-1793


To create innovative, replicable strategies that link solutions to the market development and land access needs of underserved specialty crop producers.

Risk Management Education for California Women Farm Operators
State: CA

Regents of the University of California, Small Farm Program

Dr. Desmond Jolly
(510) 987-0050


To target and deliver timely risk management education decision-making tools to women producers in California.

Mentoring and Outreach to Under-Served Organic Specialty Crop and Livestock Producers
State: GA

Georgia Organics, Inc.

Alice Rolls
(770) 993-5534


Provide intensive farmers to farmer mentoring for 10 farmers new to organics as well as four in depth workshops on topics key to reducing risk in organic farming.

National Immigrant Farming Initiative
States: National Project

Heifer Project International

Colleen Donovan
(509) 925-7350


To improve immigrant farmers' risk management awareness, sustainable production skills, and marketing abilities through hands-on, interactive training for immigrant farmers and service providers: (a) a national Training of Trainers in Farm and Market Profitability with a culturally appropriate approach and individualized follow up support; and (b) Farmer Field School Training, which will be piloted with immigrant farmers in the Southeast using a mentor farmer approach and on-farm problem solving.

Integrated Pest Management Training - Risk Management Program Targeting Minority and Disadvantaged Specialty Crop Growers: Expanded Offerings for Blueberries
State: MI

Michigan State University

John Wise
(269) 561-5040


To enhance risk management skills of disadvantaged blueberry growers through the Blueberry IPM Curriculum Program and integrate disadvantaged blueberry producers and workers into the mainstream agriculture community through the IPM Blueberry Production Mentoring Program.

Helping Women Farmers Manage Risks on Western Massachusetts Farms
State: MA

Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

Annie Cheatham
(413) 665-7100


To create a comprehensive risk management research and educational program for under served women farmers in Western Massachusetts who are selling direct. The program will include research and education components.

Educational Quest for Underserved Agricultural Landowners by Delivering Research and Education through Agricultural Management
State: GA

Fort Valley State University

Dr. Mark Latimore
(478) 825-6269


To continue and expand the comprehensive educational training activities funded through a former Risk Management Agency proposal entitled "Sustaining the Small and Limited Resources Family Farm: A Collaborative Network Approach to Educational Training", 2003; to educate the small and limited resource landowners on the use and availability of risk management tools.

Meeting the Risk Management Needs of Small, Limited Resource and Minority Producers
States: National Project

Rural Coalition

Lorette Picciano
(202) 628-7160


To enhance the economic viability of a diverse population of limited resource and socially disadvantaged farmers equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and specific tools necessary to ensure their risk management needs are equitably met.

Biological Composting Outreach to Small and Non-Traditional Producers Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Program
State: IA

Northeast Iowa Community College

Mary Steen
Ext. 341


To provide risk management outreach and information to small livestock farmers, Amish and Mennonite producers, beginning farmers, limited resource farmers, and urban gardeners in the tri-state area. The project participants will receive technical assistance and information through one informational meeting and one biological composting demonstration. The project will bring together partners from educational institutions, state and federal agencies, and producer organizations.

Beginning Latino Fruit & Vegetable Farmers: Building Sustainability
State: WA

Rural Community Development Resources Center for Latino Farmers

Dr. Malaquias Flores
(509) 453-5133


To ensure that new and emerging socially disadvantaged Latino fruit and vegetable farm operators in Central Washington will have equal access to USDA RMA programs. This project will provide access to risk management information and education in the Spanish dialect of the primarily Mexican born farmers.

Meat Goats: Alternative Livestock Production as a Tool for Risk Management
State: NC

Concentric Management Applications

Renita Page
(276) 632-2624


To introduce the meat goat and goat meat industry opportunities available to producers.

Crafting Farmers Outreach Project of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
States: IL, WI

CSA Learning Center

Thomas R. Spaulding
(815) 389-8455


To deliver risk management education to underserved prospective, beginning and small farmers through existing training and technical assistance programs and through new outreach initiatives and provide training and technical assistance for underserved producers and farmers-in-training, including refugees and immigrant farmers, young adult farmers from small family arms, limited resource farmers, young adult farmers, and urban market farmers that are primarily African American and Latino.

Building Blocks for Risk Management: Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Enterprises for Women and Limited Resource Farmers in the Mid-Atlantic Region
State: MD

Future Harvest Inc. - A Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Bruce Mertz
(410) 604-2681


To assist limited resource farmers in Virginia and women farming in the Mid-Atlantic region by holding two conferences and providing comprehensive information on local and regional opportunities to develop specialty crops and alternative enterprises and implement risk management strategies.

Building the Risk Management Capacity of Washington Farms and Ranches
State: WA

Washington State University

Dr. Jon Newkirk
(509) 335-9661


To provide intensive personalized consulting services and high quality, relevant risk management education opportunities for Washington farm families suffering severe financial and family stress; to educate Western Washington small and limited income farmers about the new Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite crop insurance; and to teach whole farm planning strategies to Western Washington small and limited resource farmers.

Women in Agriculture: Expanding the Iowa Model for Education, Delivery, Outreach and Sustainability
State: IA

Polk County Agricultural Extension District

Dr. Steven Johnson
(515) 261-4215


To expand the exemplary model for the planning, implementation, delivery, evaluation, and sustainability of a multitude of educational programs and outreach efforts in response to the risk management educational needs assessment of Iowa Women in Agriculture.

Women in Blue Jeans: Celebrating Women of Rural America
State: SD

Women in Blue Jeans, Inc.

Diana Goldammer
(605) 996-8089


To award scholarships for women attending the Women in Blue Jeans Conference.

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project and UMass Extensions Immigrant Farmer Training Program
State: MA

Community Teamwork, Inc.

Dr. Hugh Joseph
(617) 636-3793


To assist recent immigrants from Cambodia, Laos (the Hmong), African countries, and Latin American to begin commercial farming enterprises in Massachusetts.

Southwest Marketing Network (SWMN): Expanding Markets for Limited Resource, Socially Disadvantaged and Traditionally Underserved Farmers and Ranchers in the Southwest
State: NM

Farm to Table, Inc.

Pamela Roy
(505) 473-1004


To improve the economic viability of limited resource, socially disadvantaged and traditionally underserved farmers, ranchers, and organizations in the Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado). The SWMN's goal is to ensure that new, existing, and prospective Southwest producers - especially small-scale, alternative, and minority producers - are connected to others, risk management tools, business and marketing strategies, technical and financial assistance, crop insurance information and assistance, and peer examples needed to improve their marketing success.

Serving the Risk Management Information Needs of Specialty Crop Producers Through Food Policy Councils and Farmers' Markets
States: National Project

Drake University Agricultural Law Center

Neil Hamilton
(515) 270-3751


To renew and expand the partnership to support the creation and operation of food policy councils in eight states and one tribal nation.

Hydroponics Enterprise Education and Training
State: OR

Microfarm Sustainable Research & Education

Edward P.
(503) 868-7679


To encourage women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged, and other traditionally under served producers to include hydroponics as a farm business enterprise, through growing priority commodities, such as floriculture, aquaculture, and ornamental fish, and specialty crops, such as fruits, vegetables, roots, and herbs.

AGR-Lite Program: A New Insurance Tool for Small, Limited Resource, Women and Underserved Farmers in North Carolina
State: NC

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Mary Mafuyai-Enkanem
(336) 334-7995


To introduce small, limited resource, beginning, socially disadvantaged women and traditionally underserved farmers to Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite Insurance in North Carolina.

Risk Management Education and Outreach for Older, Minority, Women Small and Family Farmers Who Are in Transition, Phase 2
State: KY

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Program

Dr. Marion Simon
(502) 597-6437


To provide outreach risk management education to small, limited resource, women, African American, Native American beginning, older and family farmers in Kentucky.

Outreach - Serving Michigan's Multi-Cultural Agriculture
State: MI

Michigan Integrated Food and Farming Systems

Thomas K. Guthrie, Jr.
(516) 432-0712


To provide comprehensive risk management assistance to traditionally under served producers in western Michigan.

New Farmer Development Project
State: NY

Greenmarket/Council on the Environment, Inc.

Kate Granger
(212) 341-2254


To assist socially disadvantaged and limited resource immigrant farmers in the New York City area to establish economically sustainable farms through risk management tools and strategies.

Delivery of Agricultural Risk Management Training and Outreach to Small Farmers of Southwest Broward Vegetable Growers Association
State: FL

North - South Institute

Dr. Samuel Scott
(954) 434-8220


To enhance the capabilities of individuals, organizations and industry through education, training, research, trade, policy analysis, and consultancy.

Fostering Community Based Approaches to Risk Management for Non-Traditional Farmers
State: IA

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Robert Karp
(515) 232-5661


To educate farmers and community based organizations on implementing effective strategies to improve marketing capabilities, increase market access, develop cooperative approaches to sales and distribution; build the capacity to effectively understand and meet the needs of Iowa's non-traditional farmers, and disseminate information across the state on complementary risk management tools and strategies.

North Alabama Risk Management Education Program for Limited Resource and Underserved Agricultural Producers
State: AL

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Duncan Chembezi
(256) 372-4970


To provide socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, women and other ethnic groups the needed training and information to increase awareness and participation in crop insurance and other risk management programs.

Outreach and Technical Assistance for the Adoption of Agricultural Risk Management Strategies by Traditionally Underserved Producers
State: CA

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association

Brett Melone
(831) 758-1469


To provide information and training to limited resource, socially disadvantaged, new entry and immigrant farmers in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties, California, about financial management, crop insurance, marketing contracts, and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

Managing Financial Risk in Farm Transitions between Senior Women and Culturally Diverse Beginning Farmers
State: CA

California Farm Link

Steve Schwartz
(707) 829-1691


To provide comprehensive services to senior women farmers and beginning farmers of specialty crops, including training on financing, technical assistance, and farm "linking" facilitation.

Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Program
State: CA

Hmong American Community, Inc.

Dr. Loxing Kiatoukaysi
(559) 229-3428


To address the technical, financial, marketing and other risk management needs of the limited resource and socially disadvantaged Hmong/Southeast Asian growers in the Fresno/Merced areas.

A Risk Management Training Program for Socially Disadvantaged Filipino Growers of Hawaii
State: HI

University of Hawaii

Dr. Sabina F. Swift
(808) 956-9208


To provide information and training on crop production, integrated pest management and pesticide safety, marketing, bookkeeping and farm finances to this socially disadvantaged group of Filipino producers.

Risk Management Outreach for Women and Limited Resource Farmers
State: UT

Utah State University

Ruby Ward
(435) 797-1659


To provide risk management training to women and limited resource producers in Utah and Idaho producing horticulture, floriculture, specialty crops, etc. The goal is to educate producers on the risks they face and how to use existing tools to manage those risks. These tools include: crop insurance, financial management; direct marketing techniques and other new and emerging risk management tools.

Adding Value, Managing Risk, Outreach and Education
State: NM

Taos County Economic Development Corporation

Terrie Bad Hand
(505) 758-8731


To accelerate and expand opportunities to the underserved farmers of Northern New Mexico by increasing communication avenues and targeting additional resources to support RMA efforts.

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