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Project Name/Area(s) Organization Contact Amount Objective
Risk Management Education for Florida Partnership Agreement
State: FL

FL Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Larry Amison
(850) 488-2998


To provide a multi-faceted risk management training and education program primarily aimed at Florida's specialty crops including: horticulture, fruit and vegetable commodities.

Southeast Horticulture Industry Risk Management Education Project
States: GA, AL, FL, SC

GA Green Industry Association

Sherry Loudermilk
(706) 632-0100


To teach producers about risk management tools including the benefits of crop insurance, marketing strategies, safety and pesticide handling techniques, financial planning for new producers, new plants to increase diversity and other topics.

Environmental Horticulture Business Financial Analysis and Risk Management Training
States:: AL, GA, SC, FL, and Puerto Rico

National Crop Insurance Services, Inc.

Dr. Laurence Crane
(913) 685-2767


To provide training and information on critical risk management issues affecting horticultural crop producers in the Southeast.

Partnership Network for Ag Risk Management Education
States: GA, AL

GA Young Farmers Association

Glen A. Arnold
(478) 934-1244


To conduct risk management educational activities to farmers and ranchers through a series of 42 regional training meetings.

Risk Management Education for Christmas Tree Growers
States: NJ, NY, NC, PA, VA

Custom Ag Solutions

Brett Crosby
(307) 548-9636


To develop Christmas tree risk management content and provide education opportunities for over 7,200 Christmas tree growers in 5 Eastern U.S. states.

Managing the Legal, Financial, and Human Resources Risks to Farm Business Continuity
State: NC

NC Farm Transition Network

Andrew Branan
(919) 782-1705


To deliver legal, financial, and human resource risk management education as these issues relate to farm business continuity.

Southeast Fruit, Vegetable, & Pecan Risk Management Education
States: GA, AL, SC, FL

GA Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

Charles T. Hall
(877) 994-3842


To plan, organize and deliver risk management education to help fruit, vegetable and pecan growers in AL, GA, and SC make proper risk management decisions.

RME and Weed Identification Tools for Horticulture and Specialty Crop Producers
States: NC, VA, MD, MA, RI, CT, NY

NC Association of Nurserymen, Inc.

Beverly Gelvin
(919) 816-9117


To provide risk management education and information to ornamental, herb nurseries, retail nurseries, cut flower and floriculture, vegetable, Christmas and urban tree, and turf grass sod producers, as well as landscape and irrigation professionals.

Risk Management Educational Training for VA Agriculture Producers and Agribusiness Professionals
State: VA

VA Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Donald Ayers
(804) 786-0480


To offer a broad variety of risk management training programs throughout the state to ensure that producers receive the information that is needed to develop a comprehensive risk management plan for their farming operations.

Integrated Delivery of Risk Management Tools & Education to Upper Midwest Specialty Crop Growers
States: MN, WI, IA

Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

Marilyn N. Johnson
(763) 434-0400


To deliver sound risk management solutions to MFVGA members and specialty crop growers in MN, WI and IA through an integrated plan of educational conferences and workshops and the development of diagnostic tools.

Risk Management Tools for Organic, Sustainable and Specialty Crop Farmers
States: MN, WI, IA

Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)

Faye Jones
(715) 772-3153


To ensure that an effective program of agricultural risk management education and information will be established that will meet the needs of organic, sustainable and specialty crop farmers located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Growing Market Opportunity, Reducing Financial Risk Through Food Alliance Certification
States: MN, WI, IA

Cooperative Development Services - Food Alliance Midwest

Ray Kirsch
(651) 653-0618, X-1205


To conduct educational activities on risk management strategies for production, marketing, and environmental and human resources targeting fruit and vegetable growers, dairy and livestock producers.

Financial Management Education for the Southwest Wisconsin Forage Producers
State: WI

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (Southwest Tech)

Kevin Raisbeck
(608) 574-7302 or (608) 822-3262, X-2511


To develop an educational program that addresses the shortfall in financial management, production knowledge, and marketing practices for forage growers in Southwest Wisconsin.

Risk Management Education for Small, Limited Resource and Beginning Livestock Producers in the Billings, Montana region
State: WY

Custom Ag Solutions

Brett Crosby
(307) 548-9636


To develop livestock risk management content and provide education opportunities for beginning producers in Wyoming to assist them in operating stable and profitable enterprises through effective use of financial tools, technology and risk management strategies.

Risk Management, Business and Technology Seminars Serving South Dakota Agricultural Producers
State: SD

South Dakota Corn Growers Association

Teddi Mueller
(605) 334-0100


To provide risk management education, farm business planning workshops and technology training to producers across South Dakota, specifically targeting women, young farmers and specialty crop growers.

Using Business Planning to Mitigate Risk for Livestock Producers Experiencing Multi-Year Losses in the Northern Plains
States: MT, ND, SD, WY

National Crop Insurance Services, Inc.

Dr. Laurence M. Crane
(913) 685-2767


To provide training and information on critical risk management issues affecting livestock and forage producers in the Northern Plains targeting beginning farmers and ranchers and Native American producers operating on communal tribal lands.

Risk Management Education for Wyoming Livestock Producers
State: WY

University of Wyoming - Office of Research

John P. Hewlett
(307) 766-2166


To develop and deliver risk management education through onsite programs, as well as print and electronic media to explain and facilitate the effective use of livestock insurance and risk management tools available for forage crops and livestock commodities produced on Wyoming ranches and farms.

Regulation Compliance Education for California Farmers
State: CA

Sierra Joint Community College District

Marry Wollesen
(530) 274-5263


To develop and deliver short courses to growers on how to create a unified plan for dealing with regulations that organizes the fragmented demands flowing from multiple regulatory agencies. All major classes of regulation from pesticide, to air quality, to human resource management will be addressed.

Risk Management Education for Sustainable Agriculture in Nevada
State: NV

Board of Regents, University of Nevada Reno

Kynda Curtis
(775) 784-1682


To develop and deliver a comprehensive risk management education program to livestock and forage producers in the State of Nevada. The education program will cover topics on financial management as well as market, price, production and legal risk.

Southwest Computer Risk Management Training for RMA Priority Commodities
States: AZ, CA, NV, UT

Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona

Dr. E. Russell Tronstad
(520) 621-2425


The Internet and "computer chip" are powerful tools for doing calculations and presenting graphics that allow producers to quantify and visualize the risks and returns associated with key management decisions. By delivering education through a mobile computer lab producers will experience software tailored for their local conditions and commodities in intensive "hands on" training sessions.

Education on Controlling Risks Through Collaborative Pest Management
State: CA

Regents, University of California at Davis

Louise Ferguson
(559) 646-6541


To provide education on the benefits, formation steps, and functions of Producer-initiated Pest Control Districts through detailed "how to" materials which will be presented at 13 workshops throughout California.

New Strategies for risk Management: Quality Tools and Education for Farmers
State: WA

Washington State Department of Agriculture

Linda G. Crerar
(360) 902-1818


To provide risk management education outreach to specialty crop producers throughout Washington state, with a focus on Western Washington's small-to-medium scale, limited-resource producers. Activities include "value added processing" conference; farm link producer workshops; "cultivating success" programs; and providing education and information on the newly acquired AGR-lite insurance program.

Potatoes and Tree Fruit Risk Management Education: The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)
States: WA, ID, OR

Washington State Potato Commission

Karen Bonaudi
(509) 765-8845


To provide education and information to Pacific Northwest growers, packers and shippers on the PACA. Specifically, how to preserve and enforce PACA trust rights; strategies for managing credit and minimizing bad debt; accessing and utilizing industry data to address PACA issues; consultations regarding contract and/or PACA issues.

Cultivating Success on Small-Acreage Farms in Washington and Idaho
States: WA, ID

Washington State University

Dr. Marcia R. Ostrom
(253) 445-4514


To deliver "Cultivating Success" training program; which combines classroom and on-farm learning experiences to help producers learn how to manage risks. The program includes discussions led by experts in agriculture and business, tours of successful farm operations, and mentoring by experienced farmers who what to share their knowledge with others.

Alaska Risk Management Education
State: AK

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Cooperative Extension Service

Dr. Tony Nakazawa
(907) 474-7246


To provide Alaska producers with education and information on Adjusted Gross Revenue-Lite (AGR-Lite) program, risk management strategies involving production, financial, and marketing risk including record keeping, financial management, other commodity based insurance products, and human resources management.

Reducing Transition and Compliance Risks for Organic Crop Producers in the South
States: AR, LA, KY, MS, TN

National Center for Appropriate Technology

Barbara C. Bellows


To develop decision-making and record-keeping tools to reduce the transition and compliance risks of organic crop producers in the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Unique Tools and Education for Southern Producers of Underserved Commodities
States: KY, TN, AR, LA, MS

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Jean Mills


To provide information and education that will expand enterprise options and reduce production and marketing risks for producers seeking to enter or engaged in: a) Diversified horticultural crop production and direct marketing; b) Management intensive grazing of beef; c) Pastured poultry; and d) Specialty cut flower production in the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Greenhouse Tomato Short Course - Teaching Limited Resource Growers To Produce High Value Specialty Crops
States: AR, KY, LA, MS, TN

Mississippi State University

Dr. Richard G. Snyder


To deliver training and information in the management of production for growers and prospective growers of hydroponically-grown greenhouse tomatoes in the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Environmental Horticulture Business Financial Analysis and Risk Management Training In Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana Mississippi, and Tennessee
States: AR, KY, LA, MS, TN

National Crop Insurance Services, Inc.

Dr. Laurence M. Crane


To develop training and information covering major aspects of risk management, crop insurance and computerized financial management for producers of specialty crops in the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

An Educational Plan to Provide Risk Management Information to Priority Commodity Producers in Oklahoma
State: OK

Kerr Center for Sustainable Ag, Inc.

James E. Horne


To deliver training and information in the management of production, marketing, and financial risk to underserved and small scale specialty crop producers in the State of Oklahoma.

Financial Analysis Services for Agricultural Producers and Borrowers
State: TX

Lubbock Co., TX Dispute Resolution Center

D. Gene Valentini


To deliver training and information to producers and borrowers to improve financial situations through increased understanding and record keeping for improved fiscal management and a more cost effective operation.

Production, Market, and Financial Risk Management Education for Texas Livestock Producers
State: TX

Texas Cooperative Extension

Dr. Lawrence Falconer


To provide training and information to assist Texas beef producers better able to use products and strategies that can assist them in developing and implementing an effective production and economic risk management plan for their operation from the dual use of data from trace-back or COOL compliance.

Beef Cattle Risk Management Education
State: OK

Oklahoma State University

Dr. Damona Doye


To develop training and information for Oklahoma beef producers in managing production, financial and marketing risks and sound strategies for dealing with risk.

Combining Livestock Risk Protection Insurance with Private Market Tools for Effective Cow-Calf Risk Management
State: KS

Kansas State University

Dr. James Mintert
(785) 532-1518


To educate livestock producers, lenders, and other Kansas stakeholders on whole herd risk management using futures, options, derivatives, and Livestock Risk Protection (LRP).

Family Farm Business Planning
State: KS

Kansas State University

Charlotte Shoup Olsen
(785) 532-5773


To provide education on how sound business planning provides a valuable tool for farm families to manage the production, marketing, and financial risks as they adapt in a changing agricultural industry.

Silage Sorghum Pilot (SSP) Insurance Education for Sorghum Producers and Agricultural Lenders
States: KS, CO

National Grain Sorghum Producers

Jeff Dahlberg
(806) 749-3478


To educate sorghum producers and agricultural lenders in Kansas and Colorado on the use of the Silage Sorghum Pilot (SSP) as part of a silage sorghum risk management plan.

A Risk Management Education Partnership with Colorado Sheep Producers
State: CO

Colorado State University

Dana L. Hoag
(970) 491-5549


To provide sheep producers with an innovative risk management educational program in Colorado.

Ohio and Indiana Risk Management Initiative
States: OH, IN

Mid American Ag & Hort Services

John Wargowsky
(614) 246-8286


To focus on specialty crop food safety, human resource compliance, worker safety, fruit & vegetable production, environmental issues, and animal health risk.

Enterprise Selection and Financial Management in Controlling Risks on Illinois Farms
State: IL

Board of Trustees of University of Illinois

Gary Schnitkey
(217) 244-9595


To aid Illinois farmers in making enterprise selection, financial management, and livestock management decisions.

Risk Management Education Program for Specialty Crops and Small Farms in Indiana
State: IN

Purdue University

Corinne Alexander
(765) 494-4249


To provide Indiana producers with a series of risk management education programs for specialty crops and small farms using multiple approaches.

Risk Management Education for Farm Families
States: MI, OH

The Farm Research Cooperative

Dr. Leroy Ray, Jr.
(269) 521-4993


To provide risk management education in English and Spanish to small, limited resource and minority farmers of priority crops in Michigan and Ohio.

2004 Crop Insurance Education and Information Programs for Farmers and Ranchers in Targeted States

The Targeted States program delivers crop insurance education and information through cooperative agreements to producers in fifteen states that have been specifically designated as historically underserved with respect to crop insurance. The RMA Regional Offices that will be assisting on the projects will be Davis, CA, for Utah and Nevada; Billings, MT, for Wyoming; and Raleigh, NC, for all other agreements.


Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Ronald Olsen
(860) 713-2550


To explore Connecticut producers' specific crop insurance needs in order to develop useful strategies through training.

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire

Michael Sciabarrasi
(603) 862-3234


To provide education and information on crop and revenue insurance to New Hampshire farmers.

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Robert H. Bruch
(609) 984-2503


To improve the financial health of New Jersey farmers and ranchers with education and information on how to better utilize crop insurance tools.

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Thomas R. McConnell
(304) 293-6131, Extension 4237


To increase the number of West Virginia farm families who use crop insurance as a tool to manage risk through the use of train-the-trainer sessions, producers meetings, mass media and one-on-one consultations.


Delaware Department of Agriculture

Bruce Walton
(302) 698-4516


To provide training and information on crop insurance products to producers in Delaware.


Maryland Department of Agriculture

Mark Powell
(410) 841-5775


To increase awareness and use of crop insurance. Producers will be reached through organized group meetings, crop insurance publications, web site, and a strategic communications campaign designed to reach commercial agricultural producers.


University of Maine, Cooperative Extension

John Rebar
(207) 581-3238


To develop and deliver an educational program that continues to ensure farmers and ranchers in Maine are sufficiently informed so as to take full advantage of existing and emerging crop insurance programs.


Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Ms. Kyle Nagurny
(717) 772-3094


To develop and deliver an effective crop insurance education and information program through a successful promotional program and basic producer training workshops, train-the-trainer sessions and customized workshops for targeted groups.


University of Wyoming

John Hewlet


To develop educational materials and tools on crop insurance using RightRisk + RDFinancial related to the producers and ranchers in Wyoming.


Utah State University

E. Bruce Godfrey


To provide crop insurance related educational programs and materials to assist farmer and ranchers in Utah who are considering the purchase of alternative crop insurance products.


Custom Ag Solutions (Nevada)

Brett Crosby


To provide training and information to Nevada farmers and ranchers about the structure, availability, and appropriate use of existing and emerging crop insurance products.

Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Steve Alm
(401) 874-5998


To deliver a crop insurance education program to Rhode Island growers by assembling crop insurance instructional materials, identifying instructional "gaps," developing new material, and modifying existing material.


University of Vermont

Robert Parsons
(802) 656-2109


To provide crop insurance education for Vermont farmers and agricultural stakeholders. The program will be multi-dimensional and delivered through a variety of methods.


New England Small Farm Institute

Kathryn Ruhf
(413) 323-4531


To focus on new innovative partnerships and delivery mechanisms to reach Massachusetts producers about crop insurance.

New York

New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets

William Jordan
(518) 457-0752


To conduct a crop insurance risk management education program for farmers in New York.

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