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Project Name/Area(s) Organization Contact Amount Objective
A Partnership for Risk Management Education for Montana
States: MT

Montana State University

Gary W. Brester (406) 994-7883


To provide Montana farm and ranch managers with education and information that will allow them to better use financial management, crop insurance, marketing contracts and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

Marketing Guide, Marketing Seminar and Prairie Grains Seminar
States: ND

North Dakota Grain Growers Association

Tara Gillespie (218) 284-0235


To provide North Dakota farmers risk management education on marketing through the Prairie Grains convention, seminars and various annual publications.

Risk Management Seminars for Agricultural Producers in South Dakota
States: SD

South Dakota Corn Growers Association

Teddi Mueller (605) 334-0100


To conduct a series of seminars across South Dakota to educate agricultural producers on risk management, which include crop insurance, forward pricing, asset diversification and transportation.

Arizona Risk Management Education for Priority Commodities
States: AZ

University of Arizona

Russell Tronstad (520) 621-2425


To enable cow/calf, specialty crop, and forage producers in Arizona to more fully utilize the power of the "computer chip" and Internet to make better risk management and overall business decisions.

Risk Management Education for Farmers and Ranchers in California
States: CA

Regents of the University of California

Daniel Sumner (530) 752-1668


To ensure that California cow/calf/hay, small and beginning farmers and ranchers and fruit and tree nut producers will be better able to use financial management, crop insurance and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

A Risk Management Education Program for Agri-Entrepreneurs in Hawaii
States: HI

Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Matthew L. Loke (808) 973-9592


To develop and make available Hawaii-relevant risk reduction management tools and related information for agri-entrepreneurs statewide during the largest agricultural conference in Hawaii in 2004.

Risk Management Education for Mountain States Livestock Producers States: UT, NV, WY

Utah State University

Bruce Godfrey (435) 797-2294


To address the unique financial risks associated with raising livestock in Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Risk Management Education for Arkansas Specialty Crop Producers
States: AR

University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

Ronald Rainey (501) 671-2175


To develop fact sheets, conduct a train-the-trainer workshop, hold a producer marketing conference, and conduct a producer marketing educational tour relevant for Arkansas farmers.

Risk Management Education for Small Beef Cattle, Cow-Calf, and Meat Goat Producers
States: KY

Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program

Marion Simon (502) 597-6437


To target Kentucky small beef cattle, cow-calf, and meat goat producers with risk management education and employ the agricultural professionals who serve them including crop insurance agents.

Risk Management for Louisiana Farmers
States: LA

Southern University Law Center

John Pierre (225) 771-4900


To assist limited resource family farmers in Louisiana in better managing risks.

MEGA Mentor Project
States: MS

Mississippians Engaged in Greener Agriculture (MEGA)

Dorothy Grady-Scarbrough (662) 398-7044


To provide Mississippi farmers with skills and knowledge that will enable them to make more informed risk management decisions in their operations.

Risks Associated with Alternative Underserved Horticultural Crops in Tennessee
States: TN

University of Tennessee, Institute of Ag, Extension Service

Charles Hall and Clark Garland (865) 974-7271


To develop an educational program to ensure that Tennessee producers will better understand the multi-faceted dimensions of risk (including production, marketing, financial, human resource and legal/
environmental risks) and be better able to use various financial and risk management tools.

Risk Management Education for Texas Producers of Cattle and Horticulture
States: TX

Texas Cooperative Extension

Stephen H. Amosson (806) 677-5600


To ensure that cattle producers and horticultural crop producers will be better able to use financial management, insurance products, marketing, drought mitigation, and other existing risk management tools.

Risk Management Education for Oklahoma Producers of Priority Commodities
States: OK

Oklahoma State University

Damona Doye (405) 744-9813


To provide practical, timely, comprehensive materials to support risk assessment and decision-making of farm families producing priority commodities.

Risk Management Education for the North Carolina Green Industry
States: NC

North Carolina Association of Nurserymen

Beverly Gelvin (919) 816-9117


To unite major North Carolina green industry groups to offer education that manages risk in the green industry by utilizing sales and marketing strategies, production practices, addressing legal issues, using crop insurance, and enhancing human resource and business management skills.

Commodity Education and Information for Virginia Agricultural Producers
States: VA

Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Donald Ayers (804) 786-0480


To provide Virginia producers of priority commodities with training and informational opportunities needed to identify business trends, understand risk management tools, and apply this knowledge to their own farming operations.

Northeast Dairy Farm Financial and Price Risk Management
States: Northeast

Cornell University

Mark Stephenson (607) 255-0324


To address price and financial risk for dairy farmers due to milk price volatility.

Risk Management Education and Information for Mid-Atlantic Region
States: PA, MD, DE, WV, NJ

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Kyle Nagurny (717) 787-2376


To provide general risk management education and information to producers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and New Jersey.

Managing for the Future, Planning for Profitability: Risk Management Education for Livestock Producers States: ID

Idaho Cattle Association

Karen M. Williams (208) 343-1615


To educate beef producers through a series of workshops about managing their risk so that they can achieve a greater return on their assets and resources.

Educational Seminars for Oregon Nursery Growers
States: OR

Oregon Association of Nurserymen

Aimee Schendel (503) 682-5089


To educate wholesale production growers in the ornamental horticulture industry on risk management, including the use of equipment safety, water issues, disease, pesticides, and business and marketing practices.

Commodity Partnership for Risk Management Education in Washington State
States: WA

Washington Wine Industry Foundation

Vicky Scharlau (509) 782-8234


To educate wine grape, potato and tree fruit growers through an innovative partnership on financial management, crop insurance, marketing contracts and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

Controlling Risks on Illinois Farms
States: IL

University of Illinois

Gary Schnitkey (217) 244-9595


To deliver educational programs that examine the combined impacts that tenure, marketing, and insurance choices have on a farm's risk position.

Risk Management Education Programs for Priority Commodities in Indiana
States: IN

Purdue University

Joan Fulton (765) 494-0594


To develop and conduct a series of risk management education programs for priority commodities to be held at commodity group conferences and as stand-alone workshops in Indiana.

Risk Management Training for Farm Families
States: MI

The Farm Research Cooperative

Leroy Ray (269) 521-4993


To improve the use and understanding of risk management tools among specialty crop producers and address the needs of under-served farmers in Michigan.

Ohio Specialty Risk Management Initiative
States: OH

Mid American Ag and Hort Services, Inc

John Wargowsky (614) 246-8286


To increase commercial Ohio fresh fruit and vegetable producer awareness and understanding of practices that will reduce marketability and environmental risk.

A Collaborative Approach for Providing Risk Management Assistance to Producers of Minnesota Specialty Crops, Christmas Trees, Ornamental Nursery Products and Livestock States: MN

Minnesota Grown Promotion Group, Inc

Bob Fitch (651) 633-4987


To deliver risk management education through a collaborative effort by eleven associations.

Training and Resources for Diversified Agriculture
States: WI

Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Services

Faye Jones (715) 772-3153


To deliver risk management training, tools, and resources that address the needs of Wisconsin farmers engaged in organic production, marketing and accessing new markets for farm products.

Commodity Partnership Risk Management Education Project in Colorado
States: CO

Colorado State University

Dennis Kaan (970) 345-2287


To better equip agricultural producers in Colorado with tools, strategies and expertise to implement risk management practices in their organizations.

Helping Farm Families Make Sound Business Decisions
States: KS

Kansas State University

Charles Griffin (785) 532-2025


To develop risk management tools and provide training on how farm families can effectively work toward building a financially sound and enduring farm business.

Managing Risk with New Ideas for Happy and Profitable Farming Project (HAP)
States: MO

Small Farm Today

Ronald Macher 800-633-2535


To create a change of awareness and behavior in new and beginning small farmers and ranchers by giving them information about managing risk with specialty crops and livestock to help them farm more successfully and sustainably.

Risk Management Education for Nebraska Cattlemen
States: NE

Nebraska Cattlemen, Inc

Greg Ruehle (402) 475-2333


To develop, promote and implement a risk management education program for livestock producers, including the Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) plans for feeder cattle and fed cattle and Swine LRP, now as a pilot in Nebraska.

Alabama Risk Management Education Partnership
States: AL

Alabama Nurserymen's Association

Linda Van Dyke (334) 821-5148


To reach all segments of the "green" industry in Alabama and provide producers with extensive risk management education and information designed to help them improve their business.

Comprehensive Risk Management Education and Training Initiative for Florida Agricultural Producers
States: FL

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Larry Amison (850) 488-4031


To provide comprehensive risk management education and training for Florida agricultural producers. It is composed of multiple projects with some initiatives aimed at specific industry segments and others directed at broad segments of Florida's agricultural community.

Georgia Specialty Crop Risk Management Education Project
States: GA

Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

Charles T. Hall, Jr. (877) 994-3842


To provide specialty crop growers and agribusiness professional in Georgia with training and information to help them identify risk management practices and production tools that best meet their needs in managing risk.

South Carolina Risk Management Education Partnership
States: SC

South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association

Donna Foster (864) 592-3868


To provide training, information and resources to South Carolina nursery growers, landscapers, and others in the "green" industry to help them reduce risk and aid them in growing a high quality product, using environmentally sound methods.

2003 Crop Insurance Education and
Information Programs for Farmers and
Ranchers in Targeted States

The Targeted States program delivers crop insurance education and information through cooperative agreements to producers in fifteen states that have been specifically designated as historically underserved with respect to crop insurance. The RMA Regional Offices that will be assisting on the projects will be Davis, CA, for Utah and Nevada; Billings, MT, for Wyoming; and Raleigh, NC, for all other agreements.

State Organization Contact Amount

Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Ron Olsen
(860) 713-2550



Delaware Department of Agriculture

Bruce Walton
(302) 698-4503



University of Maine

John Rebar
(207) 581-3238



Maryland Department of Agriculture

Patrick McMillan
(410) 841-5786.



New England Small Farm Institute

Kathy Ruhf
(413) 323-4531



Nevada Department of Agriculture

Robert Gronowski
(775) 688-1182, ext. 239


New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Michael Sciabarrasi
(603) 862-3234.


New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Robert Bruch
(609) 984-2503


New York

New York Department of Ag. & Markets

William Jordan
(518) 457-0752



Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Kyle Nagurny
(717) 787-2376


Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Steven Alm
(401) 874-5998



Utah State University

Bruce Godfrey
(435) 797-2294



University of Vermont and State Ag. College

Robert Parsons
(802) 656-2109


West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Billy Burke
(304) 558-2201



University of Wyoming

John Hewlett
(307) 766-2166


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