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2016 RME and Targeted States (TS) Agreements

Awardee Project Project Description Award Amount Award Type State(s)
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Decision-Making Using Risk Management Tools Falling commodity prices, increasing costs and extreme weather elevate risk and undermine sustainability of Texas agricultural operations. Low signups for STAX and SCO insurance products indicate a lack of understanding of these tools. The recipient will target Texas crop and livestock industries with programs directed to production, marketing, financial and legal risk management education. Incorporated in programs will be an increased focus on farm plan development and use of available risk management software. Programs are offered addressing tools and strategies for production, marketing and financial risks for crop and livestock producers specifically. Because many Texas producers have diversified operations, four programs, addressing production, marketing, financial and legal risks, are offered for both industries. Programs will enable Texas agricultural producers to develop and implement effective risk management plans. Offerings, from short to long programs, allow attendees to select depth of training in line with their risk management knowledge and available time. Crop meetings will be held in the Panhandle, North and West Texas, Southwest Texas, and the Coastal Bend. Specialty crop meetings will be held in South, Central and North Texas and the Coastal Bend. Livestock meetings will be held in South, Southwest, West and North Texas and the Panhandle. $85,264.00 RME Texas
National Immigrant Farming Initiative Inc. Risk Management Education in Farming Production Systems at Mora and Taos Counties with Socially Disadvantaged Producers in Northern New Mexico Risk Management Education in Farming Production Systems at Mora and Taos Counties reaching socially disadvantaged producers in Northern New Mexico. A project among a network of our partners in two strike force counties, Taos and Mora in Northern New Mexico, reaching socially disadvantaged limited-resource producers with training and education in 5 areas of risk, as well as financial literacy, farm financial bench marking, crop insurance, organic certification and production, specialty crops, and existing and emerging risk management tools. The educational holistic participatory method includes. 24 educational activities conducted with 2 community-based groups covered by one Field Coordinator and 5 local partners. Objectives: Create hands-on education programs engaging 2 producer groups with risk analysis and decision-making; provide culturally-relevant training on risk topics requested by participants; establish learning environments where participants internalize concepts and can implement risk management decisions; build leadership and confidence to access a range of USDA programs. $99,840.00 RME New Mexico
Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Risk Management for Texas Diversified and Organic Producers The recipient will offer two workshop and one online resource strategy to reach sustainable and organic specialty crop producers with risk management strategies. This project will help small and mid-scale farms raising diversified crops and using sustainable and organic methods to increase their risk management strategies by gaining awareness of and adopting new organic record keeping strategies and Whole Farm Revenue Protection program products as well as increasing their access to risk management resources on the recipient's website. The project will provide workshops at its Annual Conference and around the state to reach the intended audience. The project will also assemble risk management resources that support diversified, sustainable, and organic small and mid-size farms. $50,067.00 RME New Mexico
Oklahoma State University Risk Management Education for Winter Canola Producers in Oklahoma The recipient will provide training to producers for optimally utilizing crop insurance, risk management, and financial management tools focusing on expanding canola production in the state. This project embraces RMA's strategic goal of ensuring that producers are well informed of risk management solutions. Plus, the project focus, winter canola is an underserved, Priority Commodity. The specific goals of this program are to educate stakeholders on: risk management and crop insurance tools available and how to utilize them; production risk management; and marketing options. Participants will receive risk management and crop insurance education and training through a series of coordinated events including: Canola College 2017, canola education events, and tours of field demonstrations showcasing risk mitigation strategies for winter canola. Expert assistance will be provided by university Extension Specialist, Great Plains Canola Association, and others from the canola industry. A range of innovative educational methods will be utilized to deliver key products and messages. Team Partners have a strong commitment to success of the project and will be an integral part of the educational process. The target audience will include new and experienced canola producers as well as women and minority producers. $94,938.00 RME Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University Risk Management and Crop Insurance Education for Oklahoma Agricultural Producers The goal of this project is to provide risk management education to Oklahoma agricultural producers. Growing farm financial stress plus Oklahoma's historical high incidences of weatherrelated risk in agricultural production contribute to growing demand for education. The recipient will deliver appropriate tools and training to producers so they are well-equipped to manage risk in their operations. Most programs include components for producers of livestock, an underserved commodity; some programs are targeted to the underserved audiences, including women and minority producers, new and beginning producers, and specialty crop producers. Delivery methods include: A statewide conference for women in agriculture; two one-day continuing education workshops targeted to women in agriculture; quarterly webinars for farm finance, crop insurance and risk management education; translating a Beef Cattle Manual into Spanish; quarterly risk management newsletter for beef/forage producers (print and electronic); and a Peanut EXPO conference and research field day. Expected impacts include improved understanding and increased use of insurance and recordkeeping tools by producers together with better understanding of benchmarking and a broad array of risk management strategies. $99,579.00 RME Oklahoma