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Nursery Value Select (NVS) is a pilot program that allows nursery producers to select the dollar amount of coverage that best fits their risk management needs. NVS, which is an asset-based form of insurance, covers damage due, but not limited, to the following: adverse weather conditions; fire, provided weeds and undergrowth near the insured plants or the buildings in which the insured plants are grown are controlled by chemical or mechanical means; and wildlife (refer to the Crop Provisions for a complete list). NVS is available in all states and counties.


Informational Workshops

The USDA has expanded the NVS crop insurance program to all counties in all states and is encouraging interested nursery producers to learn more about the program through upcoming informational workshops. These sessions will be valuable for producers in the newly expanded areas and especially for the Nursery Field Grown and Container (FG&C) crop insurance program, which ends beginning with the 2026 crop year.

The April 18 virtual workshop can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjn4zae6al8

There is also another upcoming Nursery Value Select workshop Thursday, July 18 at 2:00 p.m. CDT. Join the meeting. Add the meeting to your calendar: Google Calendar | iCalendar | Outlook


Nursery Value Select Training Presentation - English

Learning More About Nursery Value Select


Nursery Value Select Training Presentation - Spanish

Más información sobre Nursery Value Select en español


NVS is based on the existing Nursery crop insurance program, with these changes:

  • Simplification of the application and annual policy renewal process;
  • Allowing nursery producers to select the dollar amount of coverage that best fits their risk management needs, and for buy-up policies;
  • Allowing coverage tailored by an individual practice (container or field grown) or, for buy-up policies only, by choosing from any of 10 potential plant categories;
  • A simplified loss adjustment process that uses a more accurate approach to determining plant values by placing greater reliance on the nursery producer’s actual sales receipts, along with increased producer participation in determining if damaged plants can be marketed or rehabilitated;
  • Elimination of a plant list based on third-party software and greater reliance on the producer’s inventory records, along with plant category naming conventions more familiar to the nursery industry;
  • Tailored program dates that are better suited to the agronomic and industry nursery management practices in different regions across the country; and
  • A new Occurrence Loss Option (OLO), moving the deductible from a unit level to a plant level for an additional premium (only available for buy-up policies).