Step 11: Contract Change Date

Changes to the insurance policy may be made by RMA from one year to the next. Such changes will be available on RMA's Web site not later than the contract change date contained in the applicable Crop Provisions. The insurance provider will notify the policyholder in writing of any changes to the Basic Provisions, Crop Provisions, Commodity Exchange Price Provisions, if applicable, and Special Provisions of Insurance not later than 30 days prior to the cancellation date for the insured crop. The policyholder will have the opportunity to review the changes and, if desired, continue the insurance coverage for the following crop year, change the policy coverage, or cancel the insurance coverage. Any changes to the policy coverage that the policyholder makes must be made no later than the crop sales closing date. If the policyholder wishes to cancel the policy, a written notice must be submitted to the insurance provider on or before the crop cancellation date.