Beginning Farmer

Agriculture is an inherently risky business. Some risks are everyday business risks; some risks are brought on by natural disasters. Producers need to regularly manage for financial, marketing, production, human resource, and legal risks.

USDA offers tools to assist producers as they meet these planning needs, including access to risk-management tools, such as crop insurance, or information regarding markets and risk, technical assistance coping with common risks, protection from the spread of animal and plant diseases and pests, and, when applicable, assistance recovering from natural disasters.

Through the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, USDA provides crop insurance to American farmers and ranchers to help them manage risks on their farms and ranches. There are many types of insurance products available for a wide variety of production practices, including organic and sustainable agriculture.

The primary goal of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher (BFR) and the Veteran Farmer and Rancher (VFR) programs is to help new farmers or veteran farmers enter into farming and ranching by providing support and the tools needed to succeed.

As a new farmer or producer there is a lot of information available through USDA. Before you consider crop insurance, visit