To contact the experts below, email or call 651-290-3304.

Subject Subject Matter Expert
Apiculture Michael Greene
Apples Amber Soldner
Area Plans (ARPI, SCO, ECO, MP) Craig Christianson
Barley Craig Christianson
Beginning Farmer/Veteran Farmer Michael Greene
Buckwheat Christine Smith
Cabbage Amber Rhode
Canola Carly Krump
Corn Craig Christianson
Cover Crops/Conservation/PACE Amber Rhode
Cranberries Michael Greene
Cucumbers Michael Greene
Cultivated Wild Rice Christine Smith
Dry Beans Carly Krump
Dry Peas Amber Soldner
Flax Amber Soldner
Forage Production Miranda White
Forage Seeding Miranda White
Good Farming Practices Amber Soldner
Grain Sorghum Christine Smith
Grapes; Craig Christianson
Grass Seed Michael Greene
Green Peas Carly Krump
Hemp Craig Christianson
Hybrid Corn Seed Amber Soldner
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Miranda White
Livestock DRP Amber Rhode
Livestock LRP/LGM; Amber Soldner
Master Yields Craig Christianson
Mint Michael Greene
Nursery Christine Smith
Oats Christine Smith
Onions Miranda White
Organics Amber Soldner
Outreach Coordinator/Civil Rights Michael Greene
Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) Amber Rhode
Popcorn Amber Rhode
Potatoes Miranda White
Processing Beans/td> Miranda White
Rye Carly Krump
Scanning Denise Griffith
Soybeans Amber Rhode
Specialty Crops Christine Smith
Sugar Beets Craig Christianson
Sunflowers Christine Smith
Sweet Corn Amber Soldner
Tart Cherries Amber Rhode
Tobacco Michael Greene
Triticale Amber Rhode
Wheat Michael Greene
Whole-Farm Revenue/Micro Farm Craig Christianson