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August 30, 2023


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Richard H. Flournoy, Deputy Administrator /s/ Richard H. Flournoy    8/30/2023


Rainfall Index – Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Changes Effective for the 2024 and Succeeding Crop Years

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) revised the Rainfall Index (RI) Common Policy and the Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Crop Provisions for 2024 and succeeding crop years for the August 31, 2023, contract change date and for the 2025 crop year for insurance plans with a contract change date prior to August 31, 2023. The changes include:

PRF Crop Provisions:

  • Add bison to the definition of livestock and clarify livestock must be produced or maintained as part of an agriculture operation;
  • Clarify land should be suitable for haying or grazing at acreage reporting time; and
  • Add examples of ground cover that would make haying impractical.

RI Basic Provisions

  • Update organic provisions to make consistent with the National Organic Program; and
  • Modify language to match the Common Crop Insurance Policy (CCIP) Basic Provisions clarifying double cropping records when another policy has different requirements.

The following materials will be available by close of business today on the RMA website at

  • Rainfall Index Plan Common Policy (24-1-RI)
  • Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Crop Provisions (24-RI-PRF)

The Rainfall Index Insurance Standards Handbook (FCIC-18150) will be available at a later date.

Approved insurance providers must notify policyholders of these changes at least 30 days prior to the cancellation date, as required by the policy.
Interested producers should contact a crop insurance agent for further information. A list of agents can be found on the RMA website at

Questions regarding these modifications may be directed to

December 31, 2024

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