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August 27, 2020


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Richard H. Flournoy, Deputy Administrator /s/ Richard H. Flournoy    8/27/2020


Rainfall and Vegetation Index – Pasture, Rangeland, Forage and Apiculture Modifications Effective for 2021 and Succeeding Crop Years

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) has made the following revisions to the Apiculture (API) and Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Crop Provisions for the 2021 crop year.
Apiculture Changes:

  • Provided guidance on how to determine the total insurable colonies requirements in Section 4 of the policy.
  • Added records requirements to clarify that records are required to maintain for a period of three years.
  • Added flexibility for types of documentation a producer can provide to verify a lease.
  • Added a Verifiable Records definition.

RI Basic Provision Changes (Both Programs)

  • Revised to allow insurance for grids that cross the U.S. border or are along the ocean. The insured may now insure the grid closest to the point of reference.
  • Added additional language to address when an insured misreports information on the acreage report.
  • Clarified what will happen when NOAA CPC makes changes to data after RMA publishes.
  • Revised lease certification documentation requirements.
  • Removed all references to the Vegetation Index Policy.
  • Other minor editorial edits to be consistent with other policies.

PRF Changes:

  • Clarified that a separate point of reference is required for non-contiguous acreage.
  • Minor editorial edits.

The following materials will be available, by close of business today, on the RMA website at

  • Rainfall Index Plan Common Policy (21-RIVI)
  • Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Crop Provisions (21-RI-PRF)
  • Apiculture Crop Provisions (21-RI-API)
  • Rainfall Index Insurance Standards Handbook

Questions regarding these modifications may be directed to

December 31, 2020

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