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September 21, 2020


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Martin R. Barbre, Administrator /s/ Martin R. Barbre    9/21/2020


Comments Requested - Evaluation of the Pasture, Rangeland Forage Rainfall Index Crop Insurance Program
The Risk Management Agency (RMA) contracted for an independent evaluation of the Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Rainfall Index Crop Insurance Program Indexing and Rating Methodology. The primary purpose of the contract was to conduct a comprehensive review of the product design and the County Base Values to determine if the program is an effective risk management tool for livestock producers. The RMA is requesting comments from the industry and any other interested party on the recommendations made by the contractor and some alternative recommendations to improve the PRF program. Since these recommendations could be applied to other Rainfall Index programs, such as Apiculture and Annual Forage, RMA recommends all interested parties review the recommendations and provide comments back to RMA during the public review period. RMA will review all comments and determine which recommendations should be implemented for the 2022 crop year.
Please review the recommendations posted at and provide comments back to RMA. Comments can be submitted via email to or by mail to Director, Product Administration and Standards Division, Risk Management Agency, United States Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 419205, Kansas City, MO 64133-6205. RMA will accept comments regarding the results of this contracted study and alternative recommendations until close of business November 5, 2020. All comments received on or before November 5, 2020, will be considered and evaluated prior to making any changes for the 2022 crop year.

December 31, 2021
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