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April 22, 2019


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Richard H. Flournoy, Deputy Administrator /s/ Richard H. Flournoy    4/22/2019


Expansion and Modifications to Head Limits for the Livestock Gross Margin for Feeder Cattle, Dairy, and Swine plans of insurance

The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation's (FCIC) Board of Directors (Board) approved revisions of the Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) for Cattle, Dairy Cattle, and Swine plans of insurance on March 27, 2019, submitted under Section 523(b) of the Federal Crop Insurance Act.

The revisions include removing the following program limitations for the 2020 crop year starting July 1, 2019:

  • LGM Cattle – Annual Head Limit of 5,000 per endorsement and 10,000 annually
  • LGM Dairy – Annual limit of 240,000 hundredweight of milk
  • LGM Swine – Annual Head Limit of 15,000 per endorsement and 30,000 annually

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) also made minor corrections and clarifications in the LGM Cattle, Dairy, and Swine Basic Provisions.


The following 2020 reinsurance year LGM materials will be available by close of business today and may be accessed on the RMA website via the Livestock page at:

LGM Cattle

  • 2020 LGM Cattle Policy
  • 2020 Underwriting Rules for LGM Cattle
  • LGM Cattle Handbook

LGM Dairy

  • 2020 LGM Dairy Cattle Policy
  • 2020 Underwriting Rules for LGM Dairy
  • LGM Dairy Handbook

LGM Swine

  • 2020 LGM Swine Policy
  • 2020 Underwriting Rules for LGM Swine
  • LGM Swine Handbook

Interested producers should contact a crop insurance agent for further information. A list of agents can be found on the Risk Management Agency (RMA) website at



December 31, 2020

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