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September 19, 2017


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Richard H. Flournoy Deputy Administrator /s/ Richard H. Flournoy    9/19/2017


2018 Crop Year (CY) Malting Barley Endorsement Projected Price Component and Volatility Factor, 2018 CY Margin Protection Plan Projected Prices and Volatility Factors and 2018 CY Margin Protection Plan with Harvest Price Option Projected Prices and Volatility Factors
Malting Barley Endorsement
The Malting Barley Endorsement (MBE) utilizes a Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) soft red wheat price component to derive the 2018 CY projected price for any insured whose malt barley contract provides for a premium amount above or below a base price to be determined, and whose base price is not determined by the acreage reporting date. Please see the MBE for details:
Malt Barley Type
Exchange Contract Projected Price Component
Volatility Factor
 Fall Planted Type
CBOT September SRW Wheat
$5.02/bushel 0.18



Margin Protection Plan and Margin Protection Plan with Harvest Price Option

The following 2018 CY margin projected prices and volatility factors are approved for the Margin Protection Plan. The margin projected price is used in conjunction with projected input prices and the expected county yield to derive the expected margin (per acre), trigger margin (per acre) and liability. The expected margins for each crop/county are available at the following web page on RMA’s public website: Please see the following web page on RMA’s public website for program details: Margin Protection for Corn, Rice, Soybeans, and Wheat.


Margin Projected Price
Volatility Factor
 Corn – Grain Type
All Insured States
 CBOT  December
 $3.97/bushel  0.18
All Insured States
 CBOT  November
 $9.66/bushel  0.16
 Wheat – Hard Red Spring Type
Minnesota, Montana,
North Dakota & South Dakota
HRS Wheat
 $6.30/bushel  0.30
Corn for silage yields are set equal to corn for grain yields and are measured in bu/acre.Preliminary yields were updated on 9/14/17 on the price discovery website.
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