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June 29, 2017


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Richard H. Flournoy Deputy Administrator /s/ Richard H. Flournoy    6/29/2017


Malting Barley Endorsement - 2018 and Succeeding Crop Years

The Malting Barley Endorsement to the Small Grains Crop Provisions approved under section 508(h) of the Federal Crop Insurance Act was implemented beginning with the 2016 crop year.

Revisions to the Malting Barley Endorsement have been made for the 2018 crop year as follows:

• Added provision to address situations where an insured may have contracts for both organic and conventional malting barley.
• Extended the time allowed to grade samples of harvested production eligible for quality adjustment from 90 days after the end of the insurance period until no later than the spring sales closing date of the calendar year immediately following the calendar year in which the insured malting barley is normally harvested.
• Added “insurable” before “planted acres” in multiple locations to clarify that calculations that include planted acres do not include uninsurable acres.


RMA will place, by close of business today, the following materials for the 2018 crop year on the RMA Web site at

• Malting Barley Endorsement
• Malting Barley Endorsement Insurance Standards Handbook
• Malting Barley Endorsement Frequently Asked Questions
• Malting Barley Endorsement Fact Sheet
• Malting Barley Endorsement Detailed Examples

Interested producers should contact a crop insurance agent for further information. A list of agents can be found on the Risk Management Agency (RMA) website at

December 31, 2017.

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