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June 28, 2017


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Richard H. Flournoy Deputy Administrator /s/ Rodger M. Matthews, for.    6/28/2017


2018 Appendix III - Standard Reinsurance Agreement and Livestock Price Reinsurance Agreement

The 2018 Appendix III to the Standard Reinsurance Agreement and the Livestock Price Reinsurance Agreement (Appendix III) has been updated with approved modifications. Appendix III is available electronically via the Risk Management Agency (RMA) website at under the Appendix III/M-13 directory.

Modifications in the 2018 Appendix III include:

•Margin Protection new Insurance Plan Code 17 (Margin Protection withHarvest Price Option)
•P15A new field titled Production Record Type Code
•P21 Quality Adjustment rules updates
•Annual Forage updates
•New crop insurance program for Triticale (0158)
•Appendix III narrative changes that included the following:

oeDAS web sales application decommission on July 1, 2018
oPASS data encryption on FTP server
oAccounting Loss Credit updates

Questions or comments regarding Appendix III content can be submitted using “comments” in the subject line to

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