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March 20, 2017


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Heather Manzano /s/ Heather Manzano    3/20/2017


2016 Crop Year Actual Revenue History (ARH) Sweet Cherry and Tart Cherry for Processing Notice of Loss Extension
Section 11(e) of the Actual Revenue History (ARH) Sweet Cherry Pilot Crop Provisions and section 11(c) of the ARH Tart Cherry for Processing Pilot Crop Provisions, states, “if there is no damage or loss of production but you anticipate a revenue loss, you must give us notice not later than March 1 of the year following harvest.” The Risk Management Agency issued Informational Memorandum PM-17-015: 2016 Crop Year ARH Sweet Cherry and Tart Cherry for Processing Annual Price on March 8th, 2017; therefore, creating the inability for insured producers anticipating a revenue loss for sweet cherries and tart cherries for processing to meet the notice of loss requirements by March 1.
Due to the inability of insured producers to comply with the March 1 notice requirements, because of the release of the Annual Price on March 8, 2017, Approved Insurance Providers may accept notices of anticipated revenue losses under the ARH Sweet Cherry and the ARH Tart Cherry for Processing programs, through April 15, 2017, for the 2016 crop year. AIPs are to document use of this bulletin for applicable claim files.
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