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  • Q Does the change to the definition of “practical to replant” impact my earliest planting dates, final planting dates, or the late planting period?

    No, these dates are developed by the RMA Regional Offices (RO) and the change does not impact those dates.
  • Q How are Final Planting Dates determined?

    RMA ROs use internally-developed guidelines to establish the final planting dates for all crops. In 2016, tools allowing for the analysis of RMA data were developed which enabled RMA ROs to compare when a crop is typically planted, the yield associated with the planting date, loss ratios by planting date, and causes of loss by planting date. RMA ROs also consulted with agricultural experts to verify that established dates are reasonable for the crop and area.

    Beginning with the 2017 crop year, the RMA ROs will begin reviewing the agronomic appropriateness of the final planting dates for all crops on a three-year rotational basis. In addition to using the internally-developed guidelines for review, the RMA ROs also use the recommendations of Land Grant Universities, Grower Associations, agricultural producers, and approved insurance providers.

  • Q Are the Practical to Replant and Final Planting dates adjustable, or can they be waived due to disaster designations?

    Since final planting dates and late planting periods are contained in the policy, in accordance with the preamble to the Common Crop Insurance Policy Basic Provisions (7 C.F.R. § 457.8), they may not be waived or modified after the contract change date, which for rice was last November 30. RMA can review the final planting dates and is considering adjustments to the definition of Practical to Replant for the 2018 crop year.