Over the past several years, the Federal crop insurance program has matured into the nation’s primary farm safety net. Today America’s farmers and ranchers trust crop insurance to address the inherent risks of agriculture. For some farming and ranching families, crop insurance is the difference between staying in business or going out of business after a disaster. For the next generation, crop insurance may provide the stability that allows them to begin farming.

With this trust, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) has a responsibility to ensure that the program functions efficiently, standing as an example of what a high-performing government agency can achieve. RMA will meet this challenge.

RMA will ensure that crop insurance is available to as many producers as possible. We will ensure that the insurance products meet the needs of farmers and ranchers. The agency will continue efforts to expand coverage options to different regions and different crops—the recent improvements for organic producers and the new Whole Farm Revenue Insurance policy are a testament of the agency’s ability to respond to the diverse needs of American agriculture. Similarly, producers need to know how to access these products and how these products work, which is why producer education will remain a priority at RMA.

In addition to our obligation to America’s farmers and ranchers, RMA has an obligation to the American taxpayers. As crop insurance has grown in importance, the amount of taxpayer expenditures has grown as well. RMA will ensure that taxpayer funds are spent wisely and that the integrity of the program is protected. As an agency we will build upon the advancements we have made and take program integrity initiatives to the next level.

Finally, this vision can only be achieved by the hard work of our dedicated employees. The agency will make it a priority to hire and retain the most diverse, talented individuals. RMA must have an exceptional workforce in order to fulfill our responsibility to America’s farmers and ranchers, and as good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars. Going forward, we will hold each other accountable to ensure all employees are devoted to excellence.

RMA will meet this vision and crop insurance will continue to expand and provide a valuable safety net to all of America’s farmers and ranchers.


USDA Strategic Plan 2022-26 (PDF)