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Draft 2008 Appendix III/M13 Handbook Index

The 2008 Draft Appendix III/M-13 DAS Handbook was released on 10/19/2017. You can download the entire handbook, and/or view the record types and their associated exhibits individually from the table below. The handbook files are available in Adobe PDF file format. eDAS data identifiers are listed at the end of the main table.

NOTE: We are aware of some conversion problems and are working to get them resolved. If you have any problems with any of the records, please email Tim Staton.

Last Updated File Link Document Description
07/05/2013 ZIP Full handbook in compressed ZIP file format (4.0M )
07/05/2013 PDF Detailed Listing of Changes to the M-13 Handbook
07/03/2013 PDF CIMS Output Format - Detail Record
07/03/2013 PDF CIMS Output Format - Sharing Record
06/17/2010 PDF Acreage Record - Type 11 - Calculations
07/30/2009 PDF Acreage Record - Type 11 - Exhibits
01/14/2010 PDF Loss Total Record - Type 20 - Format/Edits
04/30/2010 PDF Loss Line Record - Type 21 - Format/Edits
06/17/2010 PDF Loss Line Record - Type 21 - Calculations
11/24/2010 PDF FCIC Crops by Crop Code (in Numeric Order) - Exhibit 99A
11/12/2009 PDF FIPS State Codes - Exhibit 99E
01/14/2010 PDF Disbursement - Exhibit 150

Click on this link to return to the main M-13 document index.

Last Modified: 02/19/2014
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