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TO: All Insurance Providers
FROM: Dave Wright     /s/ Dave Wright
Chief, Actuarial Design
SUBJECT: RO Server Release 06-009 - Actuarial Information Available

As of March 14, 2006, the following information is now available on the Reporting Organization (RO) Server :

  • 2006 Actuarial Data Master for the 1/31 and Y-T-D filing dates.
  • 2006 FCI-33 Map Rules Pages for the 1/31 filing dates.
  • 2006 FCI-35 Coverages and Rates for the 1/31 filing date.
  • 2006 Price Addendum for the 3/15 filing dates.
  • 2006 Special Provisions for the 1/31 filing dates.
  • 2006 State Summary of Changes for the 1/31 filing dates.
  • 2006 Table of Contents for the 1/31, 3/15 and Y-T-D filing dates.

  • Users can find this information on the RO Server in the following directories :

  • 2006 FCI-35 Coverage and Rates are in the FCI-35/2006/ directory.
  • 2006 Actuarial Data Master are in the actuarial_data_master/2006 directory.
  • 2006 Special Provisions are in the Special_Provisions/2006/ directory.
  • 2006 Price Addendums are in the Supplements/2006/ directory.
  • 2006 FCI-33 Maps Rules Pages are in the Supplements/2006/ directory.
  • 2006 State Summary of Changes are in the Supplements/2006/ directory.
  • 2006 Table of Contents are in the Supplements/2006 directory.

  • Additional notes and details regarding this data release :

    2007 Crop Year Florida Fruit Trees (FFT) actuarial documents and ADM are now released, reference R&D-06-010, 1/31 filing. Please note there are now 4 new 2006 ADM suffixes 1(F), 2(F), N(T), and X(F) to handle the CY-2007 FFT pilot program.

    Please notify your data processing representative that this information is available for downloading. For questions regarding the actuarial information, please contact Ron Tilly by phone at (816) 926-1337, or via email to ronald.tilly@rma.usda.gov. Archived RO Server Release memos are located online at https://www.rma.usda.gov/news/ro-server/.

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