Summary of Business

Includes the most current information, some national reports, and the ability to create ad-hoc queries. Data for the most recent five years are refreshed each Monday morning and include all business data accepted through the preceding week. Reports for older years are no longer updated. Users can select data for customized reports sorted by state, crop, state/crop, crop/state, insurance plan, or state/county. Selected data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

State/County/Crop Summary of Business Download Files and Layouts

Summary of Business data files at varying levels available for download by year (with file layouts). Zip files.

Puerto Rico Summary of Business Reports and Data

Pregenerated reports by crop.

Organic Summary of Business Report

This report provides an accounting of all insurance experience for commodities grown and insured under organic production practices (including certified and transitional acreage) beginning with the 2004 crop year. Conventional experience is provided for comparison, reflecting only those commodities and counties where organic acreage was also insured under the same plan of insurance. This report will be updated during the spring of each year to include the previous crop year’s experience.

Yield Exclusion Summary of Business Report

This report provides a summary of policy totals wherein producers have selected Yield Exclusion and are eligible for Yield Exclusion beginning with the 2015 reinsurance year. Policy totals that had Yield Exclusion available as a choice as filed in the actuarial documents is provided for comparison.

  • Yield Exclusion data by year: 2015

County-Level Data File and Record Layout