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October 06, 2017


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Heather Manzano Acting Administrator /s/ Heather Manzano    10/6/2017


One Sample Strategy for Mycotoxins in Texas

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) issued Manager’s Bulletin MGR-11-011 on July 26, 2011, authorizing the “One Sample Strategy (OSS)” for aflatoxin testing in approved Texas elevator facilities for the 2011 crop year. The Bulletin stated RMA would annually reauthorize the program. RMA held discussions with the Office of the Texas State Chemist (OTSC), Regional Offices, and other interested parties and received written summary results from OTSC to determine whether to continue the program beyond the 2011 crop year. RMA issued Manager’s Bulletin MGR-12-004 on April 12, 2012, authorizing the “One Sample Strategy” for aflatoxin testing in approved Texas elevator facilities for the 2012 and succeeding crop years.


For the 2017 and succeeding crop years, Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) may consider OTSC-approved Texas grain elevator facilities to be approved laboratories for Mycotoxin testing for crop insurance purposes unless RMA or OTSC announces the suspension of OSS. The OTSC will provide a list of participating elevator facilities they have certified to test for Mycotoxins on their website for verification purposes at the following address:

This list will be updated weekly. If an elevator is decertified by the OTSC, Mycotoxin tests conducted by that elevator after the date of decertification must not be used for Federal crop insurance purposes.

The OTSC will provide official test certificates of analysis documenting the level of Mycotoxin, which will be completed by the participating elevator and provided to the insured. AIPs using these test results for claims settlement must maintain a copy of this official test certificate for the claim file.

For fumonisin, the FDA has no published action levels or use restrictions for crops with 0 to 2.0 parts per million (ppm). Therefore, crop insurance policy provisions will provide quality adjustments for levels 2.1 ppm and above.

AIPs may continue to use other approved private, State, or University laboratories for Mycotoxin testing in lieu of any elevators operating under the OTSC’ OSS program. A link to a list of these approved sites can be found here:



December 31, 2017

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