February 23, 1999


TO:		All Reinsured Companies
		All Risk Management Agency Field Offices

FROM:		Tim B. Witt /s/ Roberta E.  Waggoner
		Deputy Administrator

SUBJECT: 1999 M-13

The 1999 Manual 13, Data Acceptance System and Reinsurance Accounting System Handbook,
has been updated to reflect the addition of Emergency Financial Assistance to Farmers for 1999,
and other changes for clarifications and corrections.  A copy of the changes is attached.

The entire 1999 Handbook is maintained electronically via the Risk Management Agency's 
Home Page.  The RMA Website address is http://www.rma.usda.gov/actuarial/index2.html
under the Data Acceptance System (M-13) Handbook directory.  

For questions regarding content of book,  please contact Seavey Anthony, Data Quality
Section  at (816) 926-3865, or for questions on downloading files contact Herb Solomon at
 (816) 926-1608.


This Informational Memorandum is for the purpose of transmitting information and the expiration
date is December 31, 1999.

AttachmentThe following changes have been made to the 1999 M-13 :

 1. The Narrative (actnarr.wpd) - table of contents was modified to include the new Nursery
    exhibit 22 -2.  Pages 7, 20 & 21 have new text about EFA policies.

 2. 11 Record - added APH to the EU Unit Option Code on field 38.  Added new fields, No.
    57 EFA Premium Discount Amount,  No. 58 EFA Discount Flag and No. 68 Late Process

 3. Exhibit 11-2  - Added Montana (MT) to Dry Peas with Insurance Plan of 90.  Added
    several counties in North Dakota (ND) for Potatoes with Insurance Plan of 90.  Changed
    the Wild Rice Insurance Plan to 86.

 4. Exhibit 11-3  - Made Dry Pea and Potatoes changes for this exhibit also.

 5. Exhibit 11-5 - Added Crambe to Applicable Percent Election Table and updated valid
    percents from .60 to .55.

 6. Exhibit 11-6  - Corrected crop code for Dry Peas, added MT for Ins. Plan 90.  Added ND
    counties to Potatoes for Ins. Plan 90.

 7. Exhibit 11-7 - Changed the Wild Rice Insurance Plan to 86.  Removed Winter Squash from
    list of crops eligible for Basic Unit Discount.

 8. Exhibit 11-10 Calculations - Added EFA to Producer Premium calculations. 

 9. 12 Record - Added additional text to the field edit on field 10, Paid Amount.

10. 13 Record - Fields 29 and 40 have been changed to accommodate policy conversions. 
    Corrected field numbering and added new fields, EFA Premium Discount Amount, EFA
    Discount Flag and Late Process Flag.

11. Exhibit 13-1 - Added EFA to Producer Premium calculations.  Updated calculation on
    Total Premium.

12. 14 Record - Updated field edit on the Fund Designation Flag, field 16.  Updated field edit
    on the Late Processed Flag, field 17.  Updated field edit on the FSA Assigned Policy,
    field 27.

13. Exhibit 15-1  - Added valid yield types for Florida Avocados.

14. Exhibit 15-4  - Moved Wild Rice (0055) from Insurance Plan 90 to Insurance Plan 86.

15. 17 and 18 Records - Changed record size from 350 to 400 bytes.

16. 19 Record - Added 2 new fields, EFA Premium Discount Amount and EFA Discount Flag. 
    Correct Picture on Fields 53 - 55.  Changed record size from 350 to 400 bytes.

17. Exhibit 19-3 & 19-4  - Made corrections to calculations and included the Diversification
    Factor Formulas table.

18. 20 Record - Added "Loss Code" to field names on fields 14, 20, 26 & 32.  Added text to
    fieldedits to reflect field name changes.  See highlighted changes.

19. Exhibit 21-5  - Updated the valid stage codes for Safflowers.

20. Exhibit 21-7  - Included Safflowers in exhibit.  Updated the maximum limit on Peppers.

21. 22 Record  - The beginning field positions have been renumbered starting with field 20,
    Cause of Damage.  This change was necessary because of an addition error.  And the Filler
    in field 39 was corrected from 133 bytes to 132 bytes.  Made corrections on field edits for
    the Adjusted Loss field, the Occurrence Deductible field, Unadjusted Indemnity field and
    Preliminary Indemnity field.

22. Exhibit 22-1  - Corrected field numbers on calculation page.

23. Exhibit 24  - Corrected Avocados to add Insurance Plan 90 for California with pounds as
    the unit of measure.  Updated Wild Rice insurance plan.  Changed unit of measure on
    Winter Squash from CWT to DOL.