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1997 Product Management Bulletins

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Numbered bulletins issued by RMA's Product Management Division.

R&D-97-0961998 Sweetpotato Actuarial Materials.Text
R&D-97-0951998 Millet Pilot Program Crop Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0941998 Group Risk Plan (GRP) Forage Production.Text
R&D-97-0931998 Income Protection Pilot Program Crop Provisions.Text
R&D-97-092Debt Notification As Required by the Ineligible Tracking System Handbook.Text
R&D-97-0911998 Canola and Rapeseed Crop Provisions for Areas With a Contract Change Date of November 30, 1997.Text
R&D-97-0901998 Revenue Assurance Basic and Crop Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0891998 Crop Revenue Coverage Basic and Crop Provisions for Crops With a Contract Change Date of December 31, 1997.Text
R&D-97-088Elimination of the Group Risk Plan for Barley.Text
R&D-97-087Addendum to the Actuarial Documents, 1998 Coarse Grains, Cotton and Spring Wheat Crop Revenue Coverage - Price Factors.Text
R&D-97-086Never Issued
R&D-97-085Income Protection and Crop Revenue Coverage Harvest Price Announcements for Cotton, Corn, and Grain Sorghum, and Revenue Assurance Harvest Price Announcement for Corn.Text
R&D-97-0841998 Basic Provisions and Crop Provisions Including Late and Prevented Planting Changes.Text
R&D-97-0831998 Canola and Rapeseed Pilot Program Crop Provisions.Text
R&D-97-082Manual 13, Data Acceptance System (DAS) Handbook SlipsheetsText
R&D-97-0811998 APH Procedure for Multiple Transitional ("T") Yield Map Area Units.Text
R&D-97-080Income Protection, Crop Revenue Coverage, and Revenue Assurance Price Announcements for Soybeans.Text
R&D-97-079Release of 1998 Crop Year Actuarial Materials With November 30 and Later Contract Change DatesText
R&D-97-0781998 Prune Crop Insurance ProvisionsText
R&D-97-077.1Revised Crop Provisions for the 1998 Florida Avocado and Mango Tree Pilot Program.Text
R&D-97-0771998 Florida Avocado and Mango Tree Pilot Program.Text
R&D-97-076Macadamia Tree Appraisals.Text
R&D-97-0751998 Group Risk Plan (GRP) Forage Production Change.Text
R&D-97-074Table Grape Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0731998 Manual 13, Data Acceptance System (DAS) Handbook.Text
R&D-97-072Modifications to Perennial Crop APH Procedures in the States Serviced by the Sacramento Regional Service Office.Text
R&D-97-071Actuarial Addendum - Corrections to the 1998 Irrigated Wheat T-yield in Parmer County, Texas, and Nursery Rates in Texas.Text
R&D-97-070 Season Average Market Prices for Tobacco.Text
R&D-97-0691998 Income Protection Projected Price Announcement for Wheat.Text
R&D-97-068Addendum to the FCI-35 Actuarial Tables, 1998 Wheat Crop Revenue Coverage - Price Factors.Text
R&D-97-067.1Support Prices for Peanuts - Amendment.Text
R&D-97-067Support Prices for Peanuts.Text
R&D-97-066Second Assignment of Farm Service Agency (FSA) Policies.Text
R&D-97-065Actuarial Addendum - 1998 Forage Production (APH) Rate Correction in Minnesota.Text
R&D-97-064.1Clarification to Informational Memorandum R&D-97-064.Text
R&D-97-064Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) and Income Protection (IP) Price AnnouncementsText
R&D-97-063.11998 Pecan Pilot Program Update.Text
R&D-97-0631998 Pecan Revenue Actuarial Materials.Text
R&D-97-062Issuance of the Ineligible Tracking System Handbook.Text
R&D-97-0611998 Florida Fruit Tree Pilot Program.Text
R&D-97-0601998 Safflower Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0591998 Peach Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-058Macadamia Nut Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-057Macadamia Tree Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-056Plum Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0551998 Grape Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-054Addendum to the FCI-35 Actuarial Tables, 1998 Wheat Crop Revenue Coverage - Price Factors.Text
R&D-97-053Never Issued
R&D-97-052.1Clarification to Informational Memorandum: R&D-97-052.Text
R&D-97-052Example of the Federal Crop Insurance Reinsurance Model and State Retained Loss Ratios.Text
R&D-97-051Issuance of the 1998 FCIC 18010 Crop Insurance Handbook.Text
R&D-97-050Income Protection Yield Procedure.Text
R&D-97-049Income Protection and Crop Revenue Coverage Harvest Price Announcements for Wheat.Text
R&D-97-048Addendum - 1998 Actuarial Table (Special Provisions).Text
R&D-97-0471996 Cotton Group Risk Plan Final Payments.Text
R&D-97-046Addendum - 1998 Actuarial Table (Special Provisions).Text
R&D-97-0451998 Almond Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0441998 Walnut Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-043Agent and Loss Adjuster Social Security Numbers.Text
R&D-97-041 1998 Income Protection - Wheat Crop ProvisionsText
R&D-97-0401998 Wheat Crop Revenue Coverage - Price Factor Estimates.Text
R&D-97-039Crop Revenue Coverage - 1998 Program Materials for Wheat Crop Insurance Program Expansion and Winter Wheat Coverage Endorsement.Text
R&D-97-0381996 Group Risk Plan Final Payments.Text
R&D-97-0371998 Onion Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-036Revenue Assurance - Loss Adjustment Supplemental Handbook.Text
R&D-97-035Addendum - 1998 Actuarial Table (Special Provisions).Text
R&D-97-034Never Issued 
R&D-97-033Grain Standards Handbook.Text
R&D-97-032Clarification of Nonstandard Classification System (NCS) for Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) and Revenue Assurance (RA).Text
R&D-97-031Dry Bean Questions and Answers.Text
R&D-97-030Determination of Florida Citrus Fruit Acreage for the 1998 Crop Year.Text
R&D-97-0291996 Group Risk Plan Final Payments.Text
R&D-97-028Raisin Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-027Fresh Market Pepper Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-026Fresh Market Sweet Corn Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-025Fresh Market Tomato (Dollar Plan) Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0241998 Forage Production Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-023Data Acceptance System (DAS) Handbook.Text
R&D-97-0221998 Forage Seeding Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0211996 Group Risk Plan Final Payments.Text
R&D-97-020Market Prices for Tobacco (Guaranteed Production Plan) Endorsement and Quota Plan.Text
R&D-97-019Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - Earliest Planting Date for Spring-Seeded Crops.Text
R&D-97-018Never Issued 
R&D-97-017Income Protection, Crop Revenue Coverage, and Revenue Assurance Price Announcements for Corn, Wheat, Grain Sorghum, and Soybeans and Implicit Volatility of Prices for Corn and Soybeans - Revenue Assurance.Text
R&D-97-016.1Correction to Yield Type Descriptors.Text
R&D-97-016Additional and 1998 Actual Production History (APH) and Master Yield Instructions for Carryover Sugar Beet and Dry Bean Insureds.Text
R&D-97-015Revenue Assurance - Clarification of Soybean Coverage for the Crop Year.Text
R&D-97-014Income Protection and Crop Revenue Coverage Price Announcements for Cotton and Soybeans.Text
R&D-97-013Cranberry Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-012Correction of Nursery Actuarial.Text
R&D-97-011Correction--Crop Revenue Coverage - Coarse Grains Crop Provisions.Text
R&D-97-010Addendum - Actuarial Table (Special Provisions).Text
R&D-97-009Dry Bean Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-008Revenue Assurance and Crop Revenue Coverage - Program Materials for Spring-Seeded Crops.Text
R&D-97-007Income Protection-- Program Filing for Spring Seeded Crops.Text
R&D-97-006Cotton Harvest Incentive Pilot Program.Text
R&D-97-005Texas Citrus Tree Crop Insurance Provisions 98-046.Text
R&D-97-0041996 Group Risk Plan Preliminary Payments.Text
R&D-97-003Florida Citrus Fruit Crop Insurance Provisions.Text
R&D-97-0021996 Avocado Standardized Season Average Price and Average County Revenue.Text
R&D-97-001Addendum - Actuarial Table (Special Provisions). Text