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1998 Manager's Bulletins

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Numbered bulletins issued by RMA's Administrator's office which may change procedures.

Description Available
MGR098-031.1 Financial Litigation Assistance
Posted 05-19-1999
MGR098-030.1 Simplified Claims Processing Pilot Standards
Posted 04-27-1999
MGR098-035 Renewal of the 1998 Standard Reinsurance Agreement for the 2000 Reinsurance Year Text
MGR098-034 Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - Notice of Loss Requirements Text
MGR098-033 Amendment No.2 to the 1998 SRA Text
MGR098-032 Administrative Fees for Catastrophic Risk Protection (CAT) Crop Insurance Policies with a Sales Closing Date After July 1, 1998 Text
MGR098-031 Financial Litigation Assistance Text
MGR098-030 Simplified Claims Processing Pilot Standards Text
MGR098-029 99-073 1999 Nursery Crop Insurance Policy and State Assigned Risk Limitations Text
MGR098-028 Reinsurance and Subsidy Provided on Plans of Insurance Approved by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) Board of Directors (Board) on September 15, 1998 Text
MGR098-027 Payment of Administrative Fees Under the Current Nursery Crop Provisions (96-056) for the 1999 Crop Year Text
MGR098-026 Nursery Crop Provisions (99-073) Final Rule Text
MGR098-025.1 Implementation of the 1998 Research Act for Policies with a Sales Closing Date After the Date of this Bulletin Text
MGR098-025 Implementation of the 1998 Research Act for Policies with a Sales Closing Date After the Date of this Bulletin Text
MGR098-024 1999 Projected Market Prices for Wheat, Barley, Oats and Rye Text
MGR098-023 Year 2000 Contingency Planning and Certification Reporting Text
Attachment 1 MGR098-023: Definition Of Year 2000 Compliance Text
Attachment 2 MGR098-023: Year 2000 Issues and Requirement Text
Attachment 3 MGR098-023: Year 2000 Compliance Text
MGR098-022 Approved Appraisal Deviation for 1998 Crop Year Non-irrigated Cotton Text
MGR098-021 Approval to Use State Department of Agriculture Samples and Personnel for Aflatoxin Testing for 1998 Crop Year Corn Text
MGR098-020 Revised Amendment No.1 to the 1998 SRA to Implement the 1998 Research Act Text
MGR098-019 Submission of Marketing Agreements and Endorsements Text
MGR098-018 1998 Research Act and Amendment No.1 to the 1998 SRA Text
Amendment 1 MGR098-018: Amendment No. 1 To The 1998 Standard Insurance Agreement Text
Attachment A MGR098-018: Attachment A -- Administrative Fees Text
MGR098-017 Extension of Date to Submit Amendment No.1 to the 1998 SRA Text
MGR098-016 1998 Peanut Seed Allocations Text
MGR098-015 Authorization to Use the Appraisal Deviation for Smut Infected Sugarcane in Texas for the 1998 Crop Year Text
MGR098-014 1998 Cotton Acreage Affected by Drought Conditions in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma Text
MGR098-013 Approved Appraisal Deviation and Release Date for Texas Non-irrigated ELS Cotton Text
MGR098-012 Reporting Requirements for the 1998 Hybrid Seed Corn and Hybrid Sorghum Seed Crop Provisions. Text
MGR098-011 1998 Fall Insurance Period for the Guaranteed Production Plan of Fresh Market Tomatoes. Text
MGR098-010 1998 Approved Malting Barley Varieties. Text
MGR098-009 Duplicate Policies for 1995 and 1996. Text
MGR098-008 Crops Grown Under a Processor Contract. PDF  Text
MGR098-007 Extension of 1999 Plan of Operation (Plan) Submissions. Text
MGR098-006 1997 Quota (Burley) Tobacco Loss Adjustment Procedure. Text
MGR098-005 1998 Forage Production Expansion - Montana. Text
MGR098-004 Insurable Rice Acreage for the 1998 Crop Year. Text
MGR098-003 1998 Sweet Potato Pilot Insurance Program. Text
MGR098-002 1998 County Crop Program Expansion. Text
MGR098-001 1994 through 1997 Reinsurance Runs. Text