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2003 News Archive


 Project Name/Area(s) Organization Contact Amount Objective
Outreach and Technical Assistance Program for the Adoption of Agricultural Risk Management Strategies

Agriculture & Land Based Training Association

Brett Melone (831) 758-1469


To provide information and training to limited resource socially disadvantaged, new entry and immigrant farmers in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties, California on financial management, crop insurance, marketing contracts and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

Comprehensive Outreach to Limited Resource Farmers with a Focus on African American and Latino Women Farmers

Growing Power

Erika Allen (414) 527-1546


To provide follow-up technical assistance and risk management education workshops on production, marketing, financial, human resource and legal risk. Training will focus on sustainable farming practices, food processing, packaging and marketing.

Immigrant Farmer Program

Heifer International

Colleen Donovan


To address the delivery gaps for immigrant farmers, and to support local and regional immigrant farming programs that enable participating farmers, specifically immigrants, refugees and ethnic minorities to succeed through sustainable production, community-based marketing enterprises and informed risk management decisions for their operations.

State and Local Food Policy Councils

Drake University Agricultural Law Center

Neil Hamilton (515) 271-2065


To help support state and local food policy councils in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Minnesota. The council will provide training to small farmers, direct marketers and other producers of specialty crops and will engage public officials and others in adopting policies to create opportunity for local farmers and consumers.

Community Outreach and Assistance

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture

Willard Tillman (405) 522-5595


Conduct needs assessments, and sponsor risk management workshops for women, limited resource and socially disadvantaged producers in the counties of Caddo, Garvin, Logan, McCurtain, Muskogee, Okfuskee, Okmulgee and Seminole, and Oklahoma City, Lawton, and Woodward.

Community Outreach and Assistance

University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

Willard Tillman (405) 522-5595


To expand risk management outreach and education project to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Tennessee to members of 14 Oklahoma based tribes and 1 Mississippi based tribe.

Women in Blue Jeans

Women in Blue Jeans

Diana Goldammer (605) 996-6500


To provide networking opportunities, support and risk management education for women in agriculture and farmers' wives in the agricultural industry through a two-day conference.

Southeast Arizona Agribusiness Workshop

Coronado Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc.

Kim Web (520) 384-2229


To provide risk management tools to limited resource, socially disadvantaged producers in Southern Arizona that will enable them to make choices that will increase their presence in the market place and their income. This project will build on information developed and gathered from a FY 02 project funded by RMA to include the entire 15 million acre geographic area covered by the Coronado Resource Conservation and Development Area.

Adding Value, Managing Risk

Taos County Economic Development Corporation

Terrie Bad Hand/Pati Martinson (505) 758-8731


To provide risk management tools to area farmers through the value-added processing and marketing of food products and TCEDC's business courses and services for farmers.

Multi-Ethnic Small Farm Resource and Training Center

Hmong American Community

Chukou Thao (559) 237-4910


To promote the economic well being among Hmong Americans in Fresno County, California

Sustaining the Small and Limited Resource Family Farm: A Collaborative Network Approach to Education Training

Fort Valley State University

Mark Lattimore, Jr. (478) 825-6269


To utilize a network of key personnel from the Georgia based farmer organization and FVSU in developing comprehensive training activities to educate small and limited resource landowners and others as to the current and future value of their land and to ensure that small and limited resource farmers via collaborative outreach efforts have access to information designed to help farmers manage their land in a sustainable manner.

Women in Agriculture, An Iowa model for Education, Delivery and Outreach

Polk County Agriculture Extension

Steven D. Johnson (515) 261-4215


To create an exemplary model for the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of a multitude of educational activities and outreach efforts in response to the risk management education needs of Iowa Women in Agriculture.

Phoenix Central City South Urban Agriculture Outreach

Phoenix Revitalization Corp.

Fernando Castillo (602) 253-6895


To provide risk management assistance to urban growers in the Central City South area of Phoenix by promoting education, training and information dissemination while pursuing targeted activities to assist growers to increase production and expand customer base and sales venues.

Helping Southern Underserved Producers Reduce Risks through New Internet-Based Services

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (LA)

Jean Mills (229) 225-9556


To develop a variety of free internet-based risk management tools that women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged and other traditionally underserved southern producers can effectively access and utilize.

Agriculture Connection Project: Market Development and Land Access for Underserved Specialty Crop Producers

Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE)

Sibella Kraus (510) 526-1793


To create innovate, replicable strategies that link solutions to the market development and land access needs of underserved specialty crop producers.

Organic Outreach: Delivering Demonstration, Peer Mentoring and Buyer Education as Risk-Reducing Strategies for Organic Producers

Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Meg Moynihan (651) 297-8916


To implement a variety of strategies to deliver risk management tools that will assist organic producers assess and manage production and economic (including marketing) risks associated with organic systems.

Hydroponics as a Water-Saving Risk Management Tool

Micro Farm Sustainable Research & Education

Ed Bergheger (503) 868-7679


To increase awareness among agricultural producers in Oregon and Washington of the advantages and usage of hydroponics growing in an agricultural context.

Dairy Risk Management Outreach Education

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Ellen Leuck (608) 822-3262


To create awareness and provide risk management education to over 240 producers in Southwest Wisconsin.

Strategic Risk Management Plan Education

Grass Works, Inc.

Harvey E. Works (920) 361-9728


To ensure that producers will be better able to use financial management, crop insurance, marketing contracts and other existing and emerging risk management tools

Managing Risk with Specialty Crops and Alternative Markets

Future Harvest Chesapeake, Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Bruce Mertz (410) 604-2681


To sponsor two conferences aimed at improving the financial odds of limited resource farmers and women farming in the Mid-Atlantic region.and provide comprehensive information on local and regional opportunities to develop specialty crops, alternative markets and risk management strategies.

Developmental Training in Risk Management for Minority and Limited Resource Farmers

Operation Spring Plant

Dorathy E. Barker (252) 431-1010


To provide training for farm management and technical assistance to sixty underserved farmers in central and eastern North Carolina; identify marketable crops for diversification, and provide information on farm assistance.

Risk Management Education/Outreach for Older, Minority Women

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Program

Marion Simon (502) 597-6437


To provide risk management education for at-risk farmers and ranchers in transition.

Women in Agriculture Risk Management Education

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Beth Eberspacher (402) 472-2039


To provide risk management education geared towards empowering farm women through the use of financial and marketing tools.

Meeting the Risk Management Needs of Small Limited Resource and Minority Producers

Rural Coalition/Coalicion Rural

Lorette Picciano (202) 628-7160


To build upon the findings of 2002/03 RMA project by working with the insurance industry to train insurance agents to deliver crop insurance and other insurance products to limited resource farmers with the high quality customer service these farmers require; train partner organizations to develop a revolving loan fund as a risk management tool; develop record keeping systems necessary to produce the financial records required for both revenue protection type insurance and revolving loan funds.

An Educational and Outreach Program to Improve Risk Management for Small Acreage Farmers and Ranchers

University of Idaho

Cinda Williams (208) 885-7787


To evaluate and strengthen the risk management education outcomes of the Cultivating Success Program (a series of comprehensive farm business planning and management courses) so that farmers and agricultural educators/advisors are informed of the full range of tools for managing risk.

New Farmer Development Project

Council on the Environment, Inc. (Greenmarket)

Rachel Dannefer (912) 477-3220


To assist limited resource immigrant farmers in establishing economically viable farms through collaboration with RMA and other partners, the NFDP will continue its outreach efforts to provide farmers with RM training and other services.

Narrowing the Margin of Risk for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in the Mid-States Region"

Center for Rural Affairs

Joy Johnson (402) 846-5428


To provide risk management education and outreach assistance to 300-400 beginning and aspiring farmers and ranchers from the mid-state region in a supportive manner.

Outreach to Underserved Organic Specialty Crop Farmers

Georgia Organics, Inc.

Patricia K. Howell (608) 873-8224


To sponsor risk management education workshops for African American farmers on organics and to mentor five farmers.

Risk Management Outreach Training for Small and Underserved Producers

Langston University

D. Chongo Mundende (405) 466-6023


To sponsor four risk management workshops and provide outreach and assistance on production, marketing, accounting, legal risks associated with farming.

Integrated Pest Management Training

Michigan State University

John Wise (269) 561-5040


To provide a bi-lingual curriculum, multi-faceted IPM risk management training program that utilizes classroom curriculum and hands-on laboratory and field training to teach the critical concepts of risk management and integrated pest management practices necessary for disadvantaged blueberry growers in the region.

Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership

African American Family Farmer, Inc.

Melvin L. Bishop (706) 485-9673


To create awareness and provide assistance and risk management education to African American families in Georgia.

Risk Management Education for Socially Disadvantaged and Limited Resource Farmers in Southwest and Eastern Arkansas

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Henry English (870) 575-7246


To provide risk management education to approximately 600 socially disadvantaged and limited resource farmers in Southwest and Eastern Arkansas.

Emerging Risks for Agricultural Producers: A collaborative Approach to Emerging Legal Risks for Small and Limited Resource and Underserved African-American Farmers in the Southeastern United States

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Edward Pennick (404) 765-0991


To provide risk management education and assistance to farmers to assist them in making sound decisions relating to the preservation and succession of their farm operations and land.

Meat Goats: Alternative Livestock Production as a Tool for Risk Management

Concentric Management Applications

Renita Page (276) 632-2624


To educate and assist limited resource and traditionally underserved areas.

Delivering Risk Management Education and Information to Specialty Crop Growers in the Upper Midwest Through Established Methods and Partnerships

Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

Marilyn N. Johnson


To produce and deliver sound risk management solutions to specialty crop growers throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

Working with Farm Women to Reach Farm Families in Financial Crises

Washington State University Cooperative Extension

Jon Newkirk (509) 335-9661


To service 150 farm families suffering severe financial and/or family stress.

Southwest Marketing Network for Limited Resources, Socially Disadvantaged and Traditionally Underserved Farmers and Ranchers

Farm to Table, Inc.

Pamela Roy (505) 473-1004


To improve the economic viability of limited resource, socially disadvantaged and traditionally underserved farmers and ranchers in the Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado).

North Alabama Risk Management Education Program For Limited Resource and Underserved Agricultural Producers

Alabama A&M University

Duncan Chembezi (256) 372-4970


To provide risk management education and assistance to underserved agricultural producers in North Alabama.

Border Region Frontera Agricultural Risk Management (FARM) Project

Texas/Mexico Border Coalition

Omar J. Garza (956) 487-8032


To provide outreach, training and technical assistance to traditionally under served Hispanic farmers and ranchers in the 56 county border region area of Texas and New Mexico.

Rhode Island Farm Business Incubator Training

Southside Community Land Trust

Devan Chase (401) 273-9419


To work with people from immigrant and minority communities in the Providence area who are developing their own agricultural businesses.

Community Outreach Education Program

Montana/Wyoming Stockgrowers Association

Fred Small (406) 477-6423


To use a proactive approach to outreach and provide educational activities to ensure that the Native American producers on ten reservations in Montana, Wyoming and Utah are provided with the assistance necessary to utilize financial management practices, marketing contracts and other existing and emerging risk management tools.

Managing Risk for Limited Resource Farmers Through Sales to Educational Institutions

Community Food Security Coalition, Inc.

Andy Fischer (310) 822-5410


To provide limited resource farmers with the knowledge they need to enter into the potentially lucrative market of school and college food service.

Risk Management Education for American Indian Producers

Montana State University

Vince Smith (406) 994-5615


To provide American Indian underserved agricultural producers in the four-state region (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming) with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make informed risk management decisions for livestock operations, including both crop insurance and other risk management tools.

Training in Agricultural Risk Management Tools to Provide Effective Crop Insurance and Financial Education to Underserved Producers

Virginia State University

Albert Essel (804) 524-5871


To equip educators to provide high quality, knowledgeable risk management education and assistance to women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged and traditionally underserved producers on crop insurance, financial management, business planning and other risk management tools.

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Community Teamwork

Hugh Joseph (617) 628-5000


To build on prior grant from RMA to Tuft University. In collaboration with Univ. of Massachusetts and Tuft University recipient will provide assistance and risk management education to immigrant farmers in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Agricultural Community Outreach Initiative for Underserved Producers in New Jersey

Rutgers Cooperative Extension

David Lee (856) 769-0090


To deliver risk management curricula for underserved producers in New Jersey and New York city region and agribusiness professionals.

Community Educational Outreach, Risk Management Educational Meetings

Ag Georgia

Glen Arnold (478) 934-1244


To sponsor regional meetings throughout the state to women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged and other traditionally underserved agricultural producers.

Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Program

West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Thomas McConnel


To develop and implement an outreach program to deliver training to West Virginia farmers to enable them to recognize risks and to employ the many tools available to them to manage the risk.

Using a Sustainable Agriculture Enterprise Development Approach to Manage Risk

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Keith Richards (479) 587-088


To provide risk management education through a "learning network" comprised of several organizations, agencies and individuals who are assisting farmers in sustainable enterprise development.