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Price Discovery

Displays price information for crops covered by Yield Protection (YP), Revenue Protection (RP), Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE), and Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP). We accumulate daily prices during the price discovery periods. At the conclusion of the period, the application reports the final approved prices. For more information on the discovery periods, please see the CEPP.

Price Discovery Reporting

New Application – Price Discovery Beta

We are revamping the Price Discovery application to modernize the look, make the UI more intuitive, increase access to large amounts of data, and to provide additional useful features. In support of this development, we offer a Beta version. This means that we are actively soliciting feedback from the public while the application is still under development. Please take a moment and navigate through Price Discovery Beta, then fill out our feedback form so that we can best meet customer needs. The Legacy Application will remain active until development in complete on the new site.

Price Discovery Beta

Contact Information

For more information, contact David Zanoni.