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Dairy farmers will soon benefit from an Ohio State University study that helps determine the best way for dairy farmers to manage risk on their farms. The study's leaders have designed risk management education seminars for producers, their cooperatives, and others in the milk handling and processing sectors.

Funded by a grant from USDA's Risk Management Agency, supported by extension personnel from the public land-grant universities and public and private partners, it's called the National Program for Integrated Dairy Risk Management Education and Research (I-DRMER).

The study will make results-oriented risk management curricula and tools available to all sectors of the dairy industry. To help the process along, researchers are planning a centralized organizational structure, which will serve the needs of a diverse national agricultural sector and also regional or local needs in risk management education and research.

I-DRMER will focus on three program areas: designing an Integrated Dairy Risk Management curriculum; developing printed resources and computer software; and conducting workshops. These programs will define the risks that milk producers face and then offer advice on which tools can manage those risks.

Last Modified: 12/11/2005
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