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FTP listing for /ftp/Miscellaneous_Files/Breached_levees/
Icon  Name                                                    Last modified      Size  
[DIR] Parent Directory - [Adobe PDF file] 2012_11-30crops_dyer_county_levee-map.pdf 08-Mar-2012 14:49 177K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2012_11-30crops_dyer_county_levee-shapefile.zip 08-Mar-2012 14:49 12K [Adobe PDF file] 2012_11-30crops_east_carroll_parish_levee-map.pdf 08-Mar-2012 14:49 190K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2012_11-30crops_east_carroll_parish_levee-shapefile.zip 08-Mar-2012 14:49 9.1K [Adobe PDF file] 2012_6-30crops_dyer_county_levee-map.pdf 08-Mar-2012 14:49 177K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2012_6-30crops_dyer_county_levee-shapefile.zip 08-Mar-2012 14:49 12K [Adobe PDF file] 2012_6-30crops_east_carroll_parish_levee-map.pdf 08-Mar-2012 14:49 190K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2012_6-30crops_east_carroll_parish_levee-shapefile.zip 08-Mar-2012 14:49 9.1K [Adobe PDF file] 2013_6-30crops_dyer_county_levee-map.pdf 09-Oct-2012 09:45 183K [Adobe PDF file] 2013_6-30crops_east_carroll_parish_levee-map.pdf 09-Oct-2012 09:45 193K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2013_6-30crops_dyer_county_levee-shapefile.zip 17-Dec-2012 09:17 12K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2013_6-30crops_east_carroll_parish_levee-shapefile.zip 17-Dec-2012 09:24 9.1K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2014_11-30crops_callaway_missouri_levee_breach.zip 05-Mar-2014 12:51 11K [Adobe PDF file] 2014_11-30crops_callaway_missouri_levee-map.pdf 05-Mar-2014 12:51 120K [Adobe PDF file] 2017_6-30crops_stegenevieve_missouri_levee-map.pdf 27-Sep-2016 09:54 135K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2017_6-30crops_stegenevieve_missouri_levee_breach.zip 27-Sep-2016 09:55 9.4K [Adobe PDF file] 2017_11-30crops_Franklin_Missouri_Levee-Map.pdf 22-Feb-2017 13:40 146K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2017_11-30crops_Franklin_Missouri_Levee_Breach.zip 22-Feb-2017 13:40 10K [Adobe PDF file] 2017_11-30crops_SteGenevieve_Missouri_Levee-Map.pdf 22-Feb-2017 13:40 135K [Compressed ZIP archive file] 2017_11-30crops_SteGenevieve_Missouri_Levee_Breach.zip 22-Feb-2017 13:40 9.2K

Bulk downloading of these files is available from our public FTP server.

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