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GIS Actuarial Maps - Archive

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Accessing FCI-33 Maps for Printing

GIS Actuarial Progress Map

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RMA is providing shape files of high risk or T-yield map layers of FCI-33 maps as part of our exploration of developing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications. These FCI-33 shape files are provided in addition to the standard hardcopy FCI-33 actuarial documents. RMA uses GIS technology to tie its actuarial and policy information to physical units of land in a manner that supports needs across the insurance industry. This capability will allow RMA and insurance providers to take advantage of the geographic content of individual insurance policies, including the ability to integrate this data with existing RMA data to create a fuller picture of the economic and agronomic attributes of a producer's insured acreage.

Each shapefile's coordinate system is projected to the appropriate Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone. Additional layers projected in the same UTM zone will overlay the RMA shapefile appropriately. To identify crops, types, and practices associated with the shapefile (map), refer to the map file name within each shapefile's attribute table. The map file name is a 6-digit code; the first 5 digits are the state and county FIPS code, and the final digit is a map number. This 6-digit code corresponds with the applicable map rules page.


Mapping of FCI-33 Map area lines is done at a scale no smaller than 1:24,000. Placement of area lines and their interaction with FSA Common Land Unit (CLU) and field boundaries are dependent on that map scale. Enlargement of maps beyond the 1:24,000 scale is not recommended. Doing this may cause misunderstanding of the detail and accuracy of area line placement.

Proportional Tolerance

RMA's intention is to position FCI-33 Map area lines as accurately as possible. However, the placement of area lines may unintentionally partition CLU or field boundaries.

If a CLU or field is partitioned by an area line, then the applicable insurance classification for all acreage will be that map area in which 90% or more of the acres are located in. Corresponding rates or T-Yields are identified on the applicable county FCI-35 actuarial document.

Contact Information

RMA is accepting comments during development of the GIS actuarial maps. Please forward your comments to Actuarial.