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4-RM FSA RMA Handbook: FCIC Program Integrity

Short Reference for State and County FSA Offices, and RMA Regional Offices
Aug 14, 2008


This handbook provides procedure and guidance to FSA State and County Offices, RMA, and insurance providers for improving Federal Crop Insurance Program compliance and integrity as required by the Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000 (ARPA).


Use of FSA-426 (PDF) | (Word) is discussed in Section 10 of our Loss Adjustment Manual. Use of the FSA-426A (PDF) | (Word) is discussed in 4RM on pages 3-6.

Table of Contents - Entire 4-RM File
All files are PDF
Frontmatter Transmittal; Table of Contents
Part 1: Basic Provisions Overview; Sources of Authority and Related Handbooks; Publication Requirements; Points of Contact; FSA Access to Insured Records; Freedom of Information; Conflict of Interest; FSA Employees Requested as Witnesses
Part 2: Referrals and Investigations Overview; Responsibilities
Section 1: FSA Referrals to RMA
Section 2: RMA Referrals to FSA
Section 3: Fact Finding and Documentation
Part 3: Claims Audit Overview; Responsibilities; Completing FSA-426-A; Providing Insured Information in Subsequent Years
Part 4: (Withdrawn) N/A
Part 5: STC Consultation Overview; Responsibilities
Section 1: RO Requests to FSA
Section 2: FSA Inputs to RO
Section 3: Documentation
Section 4: Timelines
Section 5: RMA Program Deficiencies & Policyholder Alerts
Part 6: Data Reconciliation Section 1: General Policy and Provisions
Section 2: FSA County Office Responsibilities
Section 3: FSA State Office POC Responsibilities
Section 4: RMA RCO Responsibilities
Section 5: Reinsured Company Responsibilities
Exhibits 1 - Reports, Forms, Abbreviations, and Redelegations of Authority
2 - Definitions of Terms Used in This Handbook
3 - Menu and Screen Index
4 - Example Letter to Notify Producer of Spot Check
5 - List of RCO's and States Served
6 - AD-2007, FSA/RMA Compliance Referral Form
7 - AD-2027, RCO Spot Check List/Growing Season Inspection Form
8, 9 - (Reserved)
10 - AD-2007A, FCIC Program Integrity Log for AD-2007, AD-2027
11 - State Office POC's
12 - Example Letter for RMA Field Visit Request
13 - Example Letter to Producers Requesting Verification of Data
14 - (Reserved)
15 - AD-2006A, Consultation Request Log for AD-2006
16 - List of RO's and States Served
17 - AD-2006, State and County Consultation Request
18 - Program Deficiency Notification Memorandum

Contact Information

For more information, contact FCIC Program Integrity.